This woman is on the Board of Nursing, she is so off the mark . Her comments are just hog wash. Obviously she has NEVER been a travel nurse or worked registry . She makes a statement that , a person should not work as a travel nurse, while on probation  because it is too easy to ‘blend in “. WHAT ??  is this pin head thinking ? As a travel nurse you stick out like a sore thumb . You are WATCHED ! No one knows you , the Drs don’t know you, the staff doesn’t know you .  No one trusts you .  What kind of nonsense are you trying to fling around ? The board members do not have a clue , the make up of the board is a  bunch of mgt fools who sit and Monday morning quarterback cases , without running the floors.  NO first hand knowledge !  Shame on you for GUESSING how it goes. Thinking a new person is blending in , and not observed as a new person . When the staff asks are you new hire or traveler, they NOTICE !  Seems to us LISA SMITH and this corrupt crazy board need to be WATCHED .  Over sight is needed greatly. !

As if this wasn’t a stupid stupid comment she makes another winner of stupidity award. A nurse who was fired because of the probation status, said she did not want to work in nursing anymore and went on line and surrendered her license.  (every try calling the board office ,  rings for days ! lots of complaints ! )   Lisa voted that the license be REVOKED , not accept a surrender.  (in az surrender is just as punitive as revoked, what the hell are you trying to do, kick this nurse  when she’s down ?, what a complete wicked witch  you are ! ) .  LISA SMITH .”I know how valuable my license is to me I am going to make sure I VERBALLY talk to someone ” ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND ????  The Board of Nursing employees and board members are LIARS , you cannot trust them with ANYTHING VERBALLY !!    You do not need to tell anyone, Smith acts like nurses must go in and properly surrender a license !   What crazy talk !!   It ‘s like telling a nurse , you MUST do an exit interview . NO YOU DON”T . Don’t go back ! !   Ever think this nurse wanted anything to do with this board ever again ?? IT was the board who saw her revoke on line who DROPPED THE BALL . !!!                                                                                                                                       This woman every time she opens her mouth says stupid things !    So if anyone is not familiar with this board of nursing, if your a student you may not catch a lot of things but let me tell you the fact she rattles on about how important her license is but wants to dish out MORE punitive sentence to this nurse who has been fired because this board ordered probation, now she doesn’t even want to let her say, Hey i do not want to work as a nurse anymore so here is my license , take it . (that takes A LOT For someone to make that decision) . But LISA SMITH GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY mgt nurse wants to really do her in, and make it REVOKE .  This mean this nurse cannot reapply for FIVE years. 2026 , yea LISA you’ll be in your retirement with good pension and made good money off nursing , just remember when 2026 comes around of this nurse you kicked while down.  With surrender is is 3 years which is a big enough sentence , of no income, tearing you away from a profession that you loved and enjoy working with patients . Unlike your self. pencil pushers and judge others , but your thought process is messed up . SHAME ON YOU .  Your response makes no sense AT ALL in 2 cases you commented on. Do nurses a favor and stop getting on boards to protect your school ! You are making an impact on nurses who do not need your added punishment .   Any one thinking of a nursing career , should read this and see what you have to look forward to !! Do anything but nursing , the only ones who would recommend it are those who are not working as a nurse !


  1. In just one day , another mess up. A student took exam in AZ , applied, old dui, the AZ BON wants probation the applicant just wants to WITHDRAW HIS APPLICATION and get away from this punitive board. He is moving to California where he has family. the board has lengthy discussion, on whether or not he will report his dui . when he applies in California. Very untrusting comments by McCormies. who said “Many have not reported to other states”. NOW How does she know that ??? We all know who have dealt with this corrupt board that the board will make SURE California knows everything ! Illegal , but AZ contacts other boards ALL THE TIME. The only way MCCormies could know that is BON operating OUTSIDE of their jurisdiction. Now along comes LISA SMITH who says “what will California do if he does not report on his application in California ??” REALLY Smith , you are on the AZ BON , and technically you have NO BUSINESS , following nurses anywhere out of state , in any manner ! Really what the hell do you care what CAlif would do??? It is NONE of your business ! ANd how would that change ANYTHING ? Just plain stupid question , and one that should not concern you . You are not qualified to be on a board of nursing! There are important decisions being made and you just do not get it . You probably don’t even know what your own point was! Sad the morons who are on this board and do not know what the hell they are doing . Just talking to be talking, acting like McCormies blah blah blah .


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