A real piece of work here . She did appeals for the board of nursing. Although never once would she allow oral arguments.   And can’t find one case she ruled for the nurse .  Refuses oral arguments, she only wants attorney’s , Discrimination or lazy *ss judge.  Right out of Tempe, one of the temple trotters . And the board of nursing is certainly full of them .

Starr thinks that it is perfectly ok that the judge that heard the original case did not rule on it ,  give opinion, sign it . But was passed around to several judges who were never in the court room .   They saw no witnesses, did not do the ground rules , but the board of nursing brought in another mormon bishop mike douglas to sign another judges case.   Working in collusion the cult of corrupt courts !

Starr doesn’t see any problem with that . No judge should ever sit on the bench that thinks this is ok in any world any court room.  PATRICIA STARR in my opinion  is not fit to rule or preside over any case.

And when I pay for an appeal, I expect that I will be Looking at a judge and able to have my say so in court , shame on you Starr , you knew without reading the matter you were going to take care of your sister wives club at the board . Shame on you !! And you didn’t even have to LOOK AT ME !      Dirty !!  everyone needs to turn this dishonorable judge over to the BAR and knock her off the bench.  We all should know how she got there , the gang who only takes care of themselves.  A career for a career , force her to retire !  Clean up the courts !


  1. To think she makes a paycheck off of this crazy court ways. No way is she at all following any kind of logically thought process or legal ways . just siding with the state agency, not the lawyer, they are a prop in the court room . Throw her out !


  2. Sometimes the dirty dogs get caught . “” Arizona Judge Patricia Starr Allegedly Signed Illegal Order from Kelly Warner Law Firm”””


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