No nurse should ever obtain a license in AZ. Not in Nursing . Your career, and your reputation will be out there, destroyed  . Whether it is true or not .  Whether you did anything wrong.  AND the cases that had nothing to do with nursing are the wrost ones !      If you are working , your a target to staff who do not like someone making more money than they do .  Plenty of those on staff who will side with mgt, will lie their heads off .  AZ is not a good state for nurses to work . Lots of nice areas, you can vacation in AZ and not work. Not worth the weather or losing your license.  Many many nurses think that is won’t happen to them . And will take a chance, if you only knew , you would not even chance it. The Board of Nursing is full of members , but basically one runs the entire board .  The rest are all a bunch of yes yes pencil pushers , non direct patient care lpn’s, public members , and retired from other state agencies who just sit there and 2nd the motion for the ones who run the board , or vote how the one who made the motion wants them too.  Extremely punitive .  Most will not listen and think to be before the BON, a nurse must have done something really bad. NOT TRUE. IN fact they may not have done anything at all. (we are not defending those who take/ do drugs ) .

Example, in Mass . and first time DUI, the board does nothing with . In AZ a full psychological evaluation by the list of Drs THEY Choose . the psych eval is paid for by the nurse (and you can thank AZNA for pushing that one through ! Another political hack group who ‘assists ” the AZBON ).   So you go to the meeting get sentenced to a mandatory psych evaluation on a non nursing event, then you have a time frame to have it done or they will push towards revoke.  Then you go back to the BON where the Bd who will judge you will let you speak for 5 mins.maybe .  They do not care what you say, they have already made up their minds.  They will order you to have AA meetings, nurse support, probation with MANY stipulations , one being must work days only , one place , no registry++.   This could be what loses your license . It happens ALL of the time. The bd knows fully well you will not be able to get work, and the probation forms are quit lengthy , nurses have been fired because staff did not want to fill this form out weekly .  So if you are not hired anywhere, you will not full fill probation so they will extend it , maybe , for years .  1-2-3 years. To make it through this probation, will be tough. Because you have these BD members calling your employer if you get hired anywhere, and asking “did they do anything wrong, ANYTHING , even the SMALLEST DETAIL , tell us about it “.  Any statements such as ‘she/he acted nervous, was talking too fast , was walking too slow, was late for work, was teary eyed, wore her hair differently, family complained, changed her days off, drives a car to work then too the bus next day  , anything at all they can ‘pick ” out of context or dramatize they will. The board will lie about you, as evidenced by some employers who told the nurse what they said, mostly  you won’t know or privy to that conversation.

You have already signed that if you have probation violations that ‘stayed revocation” will come into play. But nurses think they can ‘do ok”.  You have already signed that you gave up all of your rights.  So if it is total nonsense what is reported to them but dragging it out of a mgr, you do not have a legal leg to stand on.

Now attorney’s who go before the board, will tell you to sign it, they know you can lose your license but they will tell you a ‘win’ they saved your license.  Basically the atty does not want you to lose your license because without that they make no money off you. The money trail ends. So advise you to sign, go on probation, you can’t find work, and you are at fault if you are revoked.   So you go back to the board meeting, and tell them ; they act like they are shocked and haven’t heard this many many times, but decide to order a ‘refresher course now “.  Since you haven’t been able to work hey you need a refresher course, even though you have hands on for 20 years.  So you finish that and back to the board, they say well you didn’t complete your work requirement .   So they order you to do the skills evaluation that no one has passed, and they state that , but order it anyways, hey it ‘s YOUR money your time, and then they have a reason to revoke.

Now here is the board’s ‘reasoning “.  IF a nurse does not pass and they say didn’t wash hands for 23 secs, and someone gets sepsis , I can be sued”   A real S T R E T C H here ! (note the test is by computer , and no one has passed it ) .   Yes this is what the board member, the former pres of the board, randy idiot quinn stated.  oh yes.  It is all about him, right !   So this board who does not read the cases , why should they , just vote how the person who puts in the first motion does and your good . Why waste your time , and prepare , your just a prop to get enough votes. And so it goes another license up for revocation.

Then comes the OAH ‘hearing ‘ which is another rigged event.   In this actual case the ALJ said “revocation, are you sure” , but went along with it anyways.   Still think you want a license in corrupt Arizona ?


  1. This dirty agency that goes by AZBN (c) and AZBON, and ARIZONA STATE BOARD OF NURSING . is comparable to a rip off by anyone who runs a ponzi scheme, a ‘car warranty ” rip off. When the people find out what they are mixed up in they make statements such as “stripped of their freedom”. And call them” Unbridled Greed.” It shows the ones doing the rip off as having big houses, with more bathrooms than number of people living there. Buying new cars, dining in expensive restaurants, shopping at high priced stores. A ponzi scheme , one case a man ripped off a man in a wheel chair. The man had two little kids, saving the money for college for them . Sitting in a wheel chair, crying “why did he have to take it all ?” This is a real SOB who would do this to someone. The people are very upset at the rip off the hard earned money gone . Lives shattered, dreams and careers gone , families destroyed.
    Then compare this to the AZ BON , much different ? Not at all. This dirty board, has passed on so much hate about a public member following the board meetings. If these brain washed gossiper’s had any brains they would say . Why are they spending so much time on someone who does nothing wrong, does not even have a license, and is so focused on further destruction . They don’t want anyone to know and air their dirty laundry. But aren’t they acting just like the greedy hospitals who use the AZBON to silence (or so they thought ). And to put in a bad light the one who is calling the incompetent lawyer on her laziness., lack of over sight. Failed at her job and only job, miserably ! And “will stomp on anyone who gets in their way of their pattern of destruction”. Expose them for what they are, if you do not , let this crazy corrupt board steal from you ?


    1. Things will change at this agency , Ridenour is a greedy uncaring selfish ‘live in a big house” type, been their too long , it has gone to her head she can do anything, and get away with it. Yes she is a stooge, you think she would have spent her money on stuttering correction . She thinks she has all the power, and can do what ever she wants, She will find out she is responsible for ALL OF IT . Just like American Greed stars of ripping people off, and spending it on big houses with lots of toilets, they either run to other countries or go to prison. I think she will look real good in orange . She deserves to be locked up away from humans. That dirty lawyer , Emma Mamaluy too ! lock her up !


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  3. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative and interesting, and without a doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The issue is something that too few folks are speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy I found this during my search for something relating to this.


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