This attorney works at the board of nursing . The board of nursing is not an agency that is allowed by law to have a full time attorney. Who’s watching ? She has instructed security guards to follow me around, yell , threaten and highly discourage from attending in person the AZ Board of Nursing meetings . The meetings are open meetings . She gave false statements to the police who had to be called to control the security guard who was out of control. Mamaluy has sent out pages to the bookkeeper, the camera men to come to the board room . Busting through the door they stand with hands on him a bunch of bully busters , and find nothing but dramatized Mamaluy trying to intimidate and scare people off .

Now she sends out emails to threaten people to be silent over what they may or may not have heard due to HER INCOMPETENCE ! And these board members rely on HER for legal advise ! Here is the letter :

rom: Emma Mamaluy <emamaluy@azbn.gov>
Date: Tue, Dec 1, 2020 at 6:18 PM
Subject: Arizona State Board of Nursing Meeting Audio
Cc: Joey Ridenour <jridenour@azbn.gov>, Emma Mamaluy <emamaluy@azbn.gov>


It has come to the attention of Arizona State Board of Nursing staff that the audio recording you received of the Thursday AM November 12, 2020, Board meeting inadvertently included audio from an executive session, which is confidential under A.R.S. § 38-431.03.  Confidential information from an executive session is available only to Board members and persons authorized by statute to be present in the executive session.  Because you were not authorized to attend that executive session, please immediately destroy any copy of the November 12, 2020, recording in your possession.  A new copy of the audio for the November 12, 2020, meeting will be made available to you this week that does not contain the executive session portion.  Because the audio of the executive session is confidential, in the event you have listened to the confidential recording, please do NOT share information from that portion of the meeting with anyone else.

Thank you for your assistance with this matter.


Emma Lehner Mamaluy

Chief Counsel

Arizona State Board of Nursing

1740 West Adams, Suite 2000

Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Direct Line: 480-319-0568

Urgent matters: Please contact my legal assistant, Trina Smith, at 602-771-7844, or tsmith@azbn.gov

Confidentiality Notice: This email message, including any attachments, is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure or distribution of this information is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply email and destroy all copies of the original message.

6 thoughts on “EMMA MAMALUY”

  1. Sneaky , is more the word. Definitely not someone who is living up to their age, occupation , education , or maturity level of someone of similar circumstances. Can the money be all worth this. ? a real POS , type who can to this to another human being especially a nurse. When they operate in the mob mentality this is what happens . Only emma lehner mamaly is the ring leader of the pack, she is the one with the whip who is making the rest go around the circus tent and jump through hoops at her suggestion . Just starting rumors spreading lies and getting others who are too stupid to think for themselves, or desperate to be part of something , and having power and control over others. And to think she breed. Chilling !


    1. EMMA MAMALUY has been caught in bold faced lies . Then told more lies to wiggle her butt out of the violations . Now she has created a policy that she and only her will decide the outcome of any complaints on her the board and any employees. And the board voted this in. They might as well line up and spank themselves .
      Selling the board by saying “we don’t have that many complaints” . It doesn’t matter , but she was talking to a board who are sheep obedient sheep that think she will save their corrupt actions . Ridenour has some real false hopes of that too. Mamaluy calls even would be employers of NP . “we have a complaint on her , oh not your facility , oh no not yet , we just want to give you a heads up on what is going on”. Then the would be employer who I made the mistake of telling E M I was getting hired there , contacted me and offer is on hold “until the board issues is settled “. Her intention was to keep me unemployed and no source of income so I would sign her agreement to keep my license . She is one nasty hootchee for sure ! My S AZ lawyer , who is not a ‘board regular atty” thinks she is way out of line and a legal mess, and would be caught.


      1. I’ve heard so many horrible stories of nurses being reported to the board on erroneous or falsified accusations and I know if it happened to them it could happen to anyone. What is the first thing to do if this does happen and are these cases ever thrown out because it’s an obvious case of retaliation by the accusor?


  2. Linda Monas , was ‘pretending ‘ to be with the BON, but was working full time for the gaming department. Who paid her ? was she on both payrolls. ? who authorized Ridenour to hire extras when the budget for the state is so tight. ? how many people are running that corrupt board ? TOO many. on the money flow .
    Never should a none employee be allowed computer access to nurses private records. NEVER .


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