Works at the AZ BON , appears to be pulling a fast one, sneaking into private session and getting the BOARD OF NURSING to vote on a policy , that is directly about Board and employee complaints ! When a copy of the policy is requested, she sends out a threatening email not to tell anyone. ! Caught in the act on recording , and using threats to hide their mistake ! First of all , Mamaluy should never be working at the BON , for a number of reasons. Then when a substantial complaint goes in on the ex director , Jokey Ridenour , they decide to handle it this way . Complaint Sept 2020 , policy voted on Nov 2020 . This is not rocket science.


September 2020 

To BOARD OF NURSING ARIZONA :                                                               RE:  COMPLIANT JO ELIZABETH RIDENOUR -Unprofessional Conduct;

Intentional infliction of emotional distress and embarrassment .  

AKA JOEY RIDENOUR  License No. Rn 022148

Fact: Ms Ridenour is the executive director of the AZ Board of Nursing. 

Fact:  During the June 2020 Board of nursing meeting which  is an open public meeting and attended by the entire Board , Associate Directors ,  public members , attorneys , nursing students, and instructors.                                                     Ms Ridenour spoke and was UNPROFESSIONAL in her speech and content. 

Ridenour made a comment that they must not allow anyone to advertise in the AZ Nursing Journal, or that “anyone can “ take out an ad , implying it would be negative and she wants to stop this , with no proof or past actions by anyone.  Ridenour is fabricating a false pretense of what someone may or may not do .   Her reasons stated is that  the Board has some “UNUSUAL TROLLS , following the meetings” .      This comment is extremely unprofessional conduct , and is  abusive behavior, damaging , bullying, publically disparaging .  Insinuating that those who “follow the board meetings “ will take out a ‘negative ‘ ad on the board, is a ridicule and mockery .  Ridenour seems to be focused on followers of the board , which I do not know of any besides myself or have seen and are not licensed so of no concern to her.   Ridenours time is spent more at  targeting certain individuals that do not even have a license to discourage myself from attending open public meetings to gain information on the Arizona Board of Nursing meetings.  How is that ‘protecting the public which is what her mandate is ?   Keeping ads out of the Journal she is worried about her / the agency’s reputation.  It was a personal attack , name calling , belittling, increasing a hostile environment for public members to obtain information that is discussed at the board .  Ridenour is in a leadership position, and by her unprofessional actions, stooped to name calling . With her mockery remark she got some giggles and dirty laughter  from those nearby.  Bullying encouraged by someone who should be discouraging any type of abuse to a member of the public.  Not only a bad example of someone who was put in a position of running a multimillion dollar budget, but to keep the nursing profession on a professional level .  Ms Ridenour represents the entire state of AZ Nurses and to protect the public she  has sanctioned  nurses to be charged with unprofessional conduct while off duty .  This event happened during an open public meeting .  Which makes this insensitive and mean comment all the worse doing this in a public meeting . A building, and meeting place where everything and everyone’s salary  is  paid for by taxpayers money , with expectations the person who is running the show be a ‘leader” and have a professional demeanor.  Ridenour  show’s obvious signs of weakness and insecurity, and is not only a poor example to other employees at the board but to students as well.     Ridenour is not only guilty of UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT but ARS 32-1601(24)(d) (2)  Intentionally causing emotional injury .   This derogatory belittling encourages others to go along with it, add their comments, and therefore ‘gang “ up .   One can only guess what she is saying between board meetings, if she acts like this in a public meeting. 

Ridenour has tainted the board members , along with allowing rumors to go unchecked , and has caused conversation to discuss someone who is not there to defend themselves.   I submit this complaint in good faith, and that the Board members put this on the agenda asap , and find out why the Dir of the AZBON is calling public members  “unusual “ which is derogatory, as strange, odd ,outlandish, peculiar,  and “trolls”; if you don’t want people watching your actions , then public service is not something she should be in . Calling attendees at meeting ‘trolls”   when any member of the public  has a right to attend public meetings and not be insulted or harassed.  

She has a license she had no business calling people ,” Unusual trolls ” who attend an open public meetings.

5 thoughts on “JO RIDENOUR AZBN”

  1. Ducey ignores a lot of things but this is a top area right now. He needs to do something . She not only makes herself look bad but the entire organization.

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  2. The use of open public meetings is for the public to hearing all of the proceeding carried out by any honest state agency and to have transparency . The abuse of open meetings , going into exe session when nothing fits the law of exe meeting to hide what they are doing and sneak around , get the board to vote to take care of themselves and their corrupt ‘leader” . Jo Elizabeth Ridenour , has her devious ways for sure. They took the violation of the NPA , written as a board complaint on Ridenour and then made a policy that any board complaints on staff or board members would be decided by Emma Mamaluy the crooked attorney who is on staff , hired by J R and is using sneaky underhanded illegal methods to ‘bury’ a complaint . ALL Complaints need to go through a triage process and go before the Board. In a PUBLIC meeting. Is there anyone who thinks that the director and her minions are above the law of the agency ?


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