OR shorten version you will see AZBN . which is AZBON. as well .

This is to the NURSES , RN , BSN, NP, CNP, Nurse Practioner, CNA’s LNA, of AZ.

When a nurse has a board complaint , that can and has happened a number of times,if is truly possible that they did absolutely nothing wrong. A board complaint can mean NOTHING to do with nursing what so ever. And not illegal , drugs, dui’s, or any other reason illegally . In AZ a RN NP CNA can and has lost their license by untruth accusations, one or more people lying , just making things up , retaliation. A really big reason the hospital will submit a report to the AZ BON, to ‘silence ” any nurse who cares about people/ and patients reporting unsafe conditions. If a hospital thinks they may get sued for wrongful termination. They use the corrupt BON to distract and get the Nurse fighting for their career.

When you ‘think’ you know how the AZBON operates, because you have renewed your license, maybe attended one mandatory meeting in school or not , or even had a Bd complaint . Unless you have been targeted , lied to , manipulated, and license acted on you have no idea. None ! Those who have been unduly targeted by the corruption filled AZ BON, can tell you , it is a rigged system . Even if a person, has had a board compliant, a legit complaint , and it was dismissed or a DOC, you walk away thinking, they are not so bad. It is dependent on other factors.

  1. a)Who you are when this occurred. b)if you are still employed by a hospital c) and what faith you are a member of . And don’t be surprised if those who are in mgt at a facility are not of the same faith. The AZBON is extremely biased. Right now they are giving an appearance of not being biased, but they have been accused by many, and the number of nurses who have figured this out grows each day. AZ BON is trying to destroy those who are sticking their necks out educating others . So when you hear that nurse is only doing this because they lost their license . Well sure sounds legit but keep an open mind , this can happen to you.
  2. And to the nurses who “think” you must have done something really bad to lose a license , think again. A rumor, a liar, a false report , even by your co workers, a wicked investigator who loves to put sexual, drama, anything derogatory in their report to ‘soup it up ” . Will get the BD’s attention .
  3. Many in the AZNA were told , when you talk to someone who says the AZBON is underhanded and did the nurse wrong, read about them on the web . (yes they want you to read WHAT THEY WROTE . ) The ALJ does not write the opinion, the AZBON members do . The Judge does not have the final decision even though they heard the entire case. The AZBON is putting comments by the liars ‘credible ‘ , when they know they were lying their heads off .
  4. If your not a nurse, and say “my sister in law is a nurse, I’ll ask her if this is true” , SHE DOES NOT KNOW ! Just having a license does not mean you have a clue about the operation , the sneaky back office tricks. The ones who know are the ones the AZBON bashes the most and do not want them talking to you . BE careful , making derogatory judgement calls, because you may just need the insiders help later.
  5. So when you hear that someone lost their license , don’t read the nonsense the AZBON wrote, all it takes is one person to lie and they put it in quotes. It is expected and encouraged. Listen to what is really going on from the nurse victim who has been tortured by a dirty board. Some consultants have quit and agree 100% .
  6. Above all do not work in AZ , too risky on your entire life. A BD complaint will mess up many areas of your life and any future work outside of nursing.
  7. AZNA has been zero help to many . Working with the BON to pass laws against nurses .


  1. I think that most nurses would never believe how the Arizona Board of Nursing , their corruption within and the ‘court “system all work . Unfortunately , nurses do not find out how badly the playing field is tilted in the BON favor, until it is too late. Very close to someone who went through this ordeal , so many things wrong with the present system it is unreal . In the mean time, do not be one of THOSE nurses who go along with mgt , to go after another nurse. And do not automatically think if a nurse is on probation , or revoked there “has to be more to it. ” . With the rigged system, the scam court , you have a big battle and they have all the state’s money to fight you. Even knowing the Attorney General , prosecutes good nurses should be upsetting . This writer is right, the number of nurses who do not know what they are talking about, telling others “they can’t do that”. Need to find out before they speak. It could be them next. !


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