Arizona Board of Nursing hired this monster . But was anyone watching and over seeing what she was doing. Just like the Board of Nursing they need a lot of over sight, and so does NIKKI AUSTIN. She was able to manipulate the dir who have her enough rope to hang herself , and hang man noose she did make . If she is working with your firm she needs over sight , watched, and when someone reports her BELIEVE them !

Her divorce papers look like she was going for the gold . He got away from her, and what ever it costs is well worth it.

“investigator ” and what makes her an “investigator ” a nursing degree? don’t be fooled. She contacted this nurses college professor to ‘warn ‘ her ? what kind of investigation is THAT ? She took what ever information , she could gather but deceiving methods and put her own spin on it. Then present it to the Board , her report that looks like “tall lies and fabricated tales “, to show them , wow you need to stop this one ! Nikki appears to have come issues with interpersonal relationships. A friend in Aspen , said ‘a falling out” , which seems to happen a lot to NIKKI RAE AUSTIN. She moves around a lot, like someone is chasing her . She does not last long where ever she is . In fact pretty much did a quick exit from the board. Just remember NIKKI RAE AUSTIN , who has many former names , as well. You will reap what you sow.

In fact it already happened at one law firm , got rid of you . More than one. Don’t be fooled by the ‘stay sweet ‘ charm she will “put on” you are her long lost friend , she has a knife waiting to place in your back . Figuratively ,speaking . Is NIKKI RAE AUSTIN”S mind set that she can just move and start a new slate after screwing nurses over . That no one will know her past actions , her lies , her fiction reports , her laziness in doing a complete job , and even considering the truth .

Beware of this one and her ‘reasons ‘ which are more lies why the nurses she attacked are still pointing her her dirty ways.


  1. IT was because of Nikki Austin , that the nation found out about the corruption of the nursing agency. Of course in each case the board does it’s usual dig for embarrassing moments and publish them . How sick are all of them Ridenour is NO leader, not a good example for nurses at all , in fact none of them are . Joke Ridenour relies on others do run the show and run it to the ground they did .


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