AZ Nursing agency (azbon) corruption

Anyone who decides to get a nursing license in AZ , we would first advise against it . Way to dangerous . Many nurses think , that an anonymous complaint will never rise to losing their career .

Once you are on your way to a board complaint, you are up against a lot. Not only does the AZ BON contribute to a unduly complaint and charges but they make us unable to see or comprehend the errors as they are happening.

It is against what all of us were brought up to believe in justice, due process and the system . When you look at the cases and see nurses who took unreasonable and intellectually dishonest positions that stripped the innocent nurses of their freedom and caused tremendous human suffering for entire families.

Don’t beat yourself up thinking , they haven’t seen the truth or know what really happened , they do not care . The AZBON are trained that you are the liar , every defendant nurse is lying , and guilty of something . They must psych themselves out that they are actually doing ‘good’ for the public. They cannot accept they are wrong . When you prove their allegations to be wrong , they refuse to acknowledge it and have a knee-jerk reaction . They refuse to examine any new evidence and will come up with outlandish theories in order to maintain their deep-seated beliefs about the systems fairness . <which does not exist>. And make up new issues to argue and wear you out , trying to cause you to mess up at work, give them something solid .

You can watch the prosecutors , Elizabeth Campbell and Sunita Krishna the way they spin the new evidence in ridiculous ways to avoid conceding innocence. When one tries to go into a court room, the prosecutors are in such denial that no one in their office has ever taken a license of someone who is innocent . This defensive attitude not only is unjust it wastes tons of taxpayers money . They will fight back for years on the taxpayers dime to save face.

The prosecutors are not going to approach any case with an open mind , but would use any means available to them to intimidate a witness from testifying . The ALJ’s are in on it, only allowing end of day last minute quickies . With the writers of the recap of the hearing written by liars working at the BON, never making any of the defendant nurses ‘witnesses ‘ credible , only the BON witnesses. To the reader who wants to see what the case is about they have no idea just how dirty these board employees and members are . Once the hearing officer deems someone credible it is very hard to reverse that in other courts .

Human beings have a very hard time changing their minds once the die is cast. Nothing happens in happenstance, it is all done by those who have stripped other nurses of their humanity and will do it again, over and over.

Good people generally act with goodness WHEN ACTING ALONE. But will do things unthinkable when involved in a large bureaucracy. Where they are just a cog in the wheel , doing ‘what they are suppose to do”. No single person can be seen as the cause of any single injustice . responsibility is defused . The system is responsible not the individuals , or so they THINK . The nurse / np will know who the front runner is . When they retire they will have a lot of time to reflect what a dirty life they lived and how many people they hurt in many ways. That day will come when things so down and a name appears that you with other people’s money , stole from them like a con artist at work , with a BON who are politically motivated to do the dirty tricks, and crooked judges, helped the matter .

One thought on “AZ Nursing agency (azbon) corruption”

  1. Beware of the thieves working at the front desk , this is nothing compared to the back desk dirty lazy personnel . ((We knew the AZ BON was packed with thieves , but stealing credit card info and identity ! BEWARE !! This is what SUSAN KAY wrote , and put it on rate your board site . The front desk people seem to ‘fit in ” with the back desk people !
    “”The lady at the front desk STOLE my credit card info and made fraudulent charges using my credit card!!! How do I know this? While in nursing school, my credit card, with a zero balance, had not seen the light of day in over 3 years.. I literally took it out of my safe and used it for the first time in years to pay for my license. The lady took my card and left the front office, supposedly to run the card. I waited nearly 20 minutes before she handed my card back to me. She didn’t make eye contact and handed my card back without saying a word. Something didn’t feel right.. but I didn’t say anything. Went home and put the card back in the safe. 2 weeks later, I get my credit card statement which should have had only one charge on it.. my state board license. Well, there were over a dozen charges.. all online purchases where the physical card was not presented but the card number and expiration date were typed in!!! I immediately called the state board of nursing to report her and what she did. I was told there was nothing they could do because I couldn’t prove it! This woman was the ONLY person to see that card other than me! I knew something was up when she disappeared with my card for over 20 minutes!!!!””


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