This Rn , JD lived in MANY places . One of them was several places in AZ. She was hired by Jo Ridenour to work at the BON, she was nothing but a disaster. Did she humiliate nurses , dehumanize to get a raise ? For her own self do some nasty tactics while at the Board of Nursing agency. ? No one who has a caring bone or any feelings for anyone but themselves can justify her behavior .

Hired as a nurse practice consultant, investigator . Taking cases that had little to do with nursing but just a bunch of people who want to retaliate against someone , finding out they have a nursing license , contact the BON to get them in trouble cause them grief. Only because the AZ BON has way too much power , and no one watching them . Knowing how opening an investigation would cause many days of hardship.

Did you think the nurse would not know you called their professor !??? That was YOU acting like the ones who put in the complaint in the first place , trying to cause trouble !

Anyone who knows her lives by her works with her, BEWARE , a wolf in sheeps clothing for sure . Her ex , former friends in Colorado , AZ have all been stung by this venomous bitch .

And when she tells you , sour grapes and why the nurses lost their license , remember SHE IS LYING ! .

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