Attorney General Office Taking Nurses licenses in Arizona , unduly .

There are few crimes as egregious as an oath taker lying , in my opinion. Wrongful accusations leading to wrongful prosecution leading to wrongful conviction and wrongfully destroying a nurses good reputation and paint a very bleak picture of man’s inhumanity to man. One person making false accusations against another is bad enough, but to have a system that not only allows and facilitates that, but even encourages false accusations leading to false and wrongful revocation , is absolutely intolerable.” I would add false allegations and a corrupt board include INNOCENT nurses , cna’s , NP , whistleblowers, veterans, and other “vulnerable” Americans. Thus, we are ALL vulnerable to falsehoods and false imprisonment in our own homes, through various ways . Robbing nurses of ability to earn a living in many fields after the false accusations give rise to revocation by a corrupt board of nursing. All of this abuse is perpetrated and facilitated by the “legal” system in the United States. And, therefore, ALL Americans need to rise up and speak out against such abuse and misuse of power. Learn more about the motives, incentives, benefits and profits to the abusers, and say , stop this injustice now.

2 thoughts on “Attorney General Office Taking Nurses licenses in Arizona , unduly .”

  1. The AG presentation of these two witches; Krishna & Campbell is good for corruption knowledge to make it to the public. (done) cant keep giving them ideas. to clam up .


  2. Anyone notice Mark C. Harris taking cases at the BON . <Bethy Campbell's boss, who has mistakenly not been overseeing and supervising her pretty much at all ? She needs on site daily direct supervision. Reprimands in her file. (Actually if Brnovich paid any attention, he'd shit can her in a heart beat. We're just waiting for Numbchucks to run for another office , then let all the dirt fly . ! Then did you see a over the top case assigning Campbell and Krishna to ONE case together . Is this a 2 for BOGOF ? With all these lawyers involved you would think they could do things correctly. That is almost impossible with Emma Mamaluy working there, chief bull shitt’r herself . Another one of the AG rejects. Jokey Ridenour is easily impressed. Cheap entertainment , until she has to pay.


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