This is a BIG deal, huge. If you do not know anything about mormons, you may be shocked to learn how they infiltrate into your nursing career.

They do not drink coffee, who cares why , but drinking alcohol, is not their thing and so they judge you by their bringing up . Which consists of huge doses of brain washing. ! A recent case , a man surrendered he had a dui. They ordered a psych evaluation, he admitted he had had a glass of champagne on New years and a glass of wine at a birthday party. ONE GLASS , the evaluation showed NOT ADDICTED . the mormon board president (and the former bd president MORMON) UH !! Carolyn McCormies, says the dumbest things, and will ruin you for life . Stated she has CONCERNS , that he is still drinking . (two drinks in 3 years folks !! ) not kidding. She went on about he admitted that he is STILL DRINKING .

So , is he suppose to not have a drink for the rest of his life / career of nursing in AZ??

Pick up a mormon book, they tell them all bad things are satan driven. They have a strong dislike for homosexuals. Beware , if you go before this board , they love to control and run everyone’s lives, and over step isn’t the word . just crazy .

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Rebel , that is going to bring down the corruption of the AZ board of nursing and the Office of admin law "Sham " court

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