AZ Board of Nursing Punitive, Inconsistent.

When a young man goes to nursing school , just graduated , excited to start working as a nurse , and applies for a license so he can start his new career. When an old dui showed on his record. <most states do nothing first time dui>. It is an off duty , isolated event. He went to the AZ Corrupt board of nursing meeting, his family his support system, had moved to Calif he moved there and wanted to start working , asked for withdraw his application in AZ . Simple enough . NOT when your dealing with the crazies at the AZ BON. It was McCormies (Carolyn) who kept throwing a wrench into telling other bd members her CONCERNS . She is always mistrusting of every nurse, every nurse is lying to her. Her Concern is that he will not tell Calif about the Dui, (like Calif doesn’t run back ground checks on nurses !! ) So it was decided at previous meetings, he would get it in writing from them they are aware that they know about it and will deal with it when his license is processed. Not only did he tell Calif with proof, but BONNIE RICHTER (the Bd investigator in AZ contacted Calif BON). This is a violation , they are not suppose to be disclosing information and it was not her duty to do so . AZ over steps their authority all the time . This New nurse is dealing with his DUI and will pay the price there dearly. He got verification from Calif that they are aware of his DUI. Then the corrupt az bon brings up , that there was no signature or date stamp , even though Bobbie stated Calif knew. He had a very hard time getting a hold of them . So AZ BD doesn’t trust any nurse to disclose what he already disclosed to them . (Quite frankly it is not AZ jurisdiction to board order him to do this , non of their business to “protect public in every state ). And makes him come back to the BON meeting, pay atty again, and prove to them that Calif knows.

Now the dirty atty’s for the BON , Emma Mamaluy and staff download what they want the BON to vote on. A consent agreement for 36 months probation. If not signed deny license. So Smith <sometimes she has some good questions > board member said and what are we going to have him sign agreeing to probation in AZ when we know he can’t do that living in Calif. ? Then the question why cant we let him withdraw license. Of course Punitive Puke McCormies , spouts off , ‘what if he withdraws his license in Calif and goes somewhere else ? (like every state in the union does not do a back ground ? Really. Unless they get him to sign consent agreement, for 36 months 3 yrs !! probation they will deny him license. Which is what Jo Elizabeth Ridenour decided , “it will be a lot cleaner if you deny license , instead of setting him up for something he cannot do ” . Oh really ! !! like DENYING A LICENSE won’t ruin your nursing career for years, to reapply in another state, AND ruin your chance for ANY JOB . When I tell you do NOT work or apply for a nursing license in AZ , this is how they operate !! NOT all boards do. Every one of those boards member do not care , they get paid for those investigations and do not want it wiped out , they want to have punitive records , lots of them . And then all in the name of public safety . Yea right ! The new nurse thanked them , and hung up, he was obviously upset. His lawyer tried. Everyone on this dirty board voted how their dirty director told them to, and Mccormies, who pretended she did not want to vote against him , after she was the one making waves all along, the only one . Her make up is that she is thrilled to have the power and stop the other board members before they let some nurse who doesn’t even live in AZ anymore, withdraw and get on with their life in another state. Start a new career and realize people make mistakes but congratulations on completing nursing school and get him on a fresh start . SHAME ON YOU DIRTY BITCHES , everyone of you who voted to deny license. You did a lot of damage to this poor man , while your lies about public safety are wearing thin. Especially shame on Hill who allowed others to change her mind , too easily she has no back ground It will come back to you ten fold. Karma’s a bitch too.

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