More tricks by the corrupt ARIZONA STATE BOARD OF NURSING. When the judges (paid by the state, appointed by the same Gov, all eat from the same feed trough, side together ) they post it , as such. When AZBN loses they do not post or discuss in their meetings, but hide in private session illegally. The entire case is manufactured and is a results of retaliation by a dirty medical center YUMA MEDICAL . Who placed false allegations with this board . YRMC is known for doing this to nurses . (a board who’s members past and present are on staff at yrmc. ). A string of liars brought in, 1) testified she is nurse (she is now on AZBN nurse imposter list ! ) . A felony. She also made up many stories to save her employer from being sued. This case has NOTHING to do with mental anything. This is old tricks they love to pull on anyone who goes against them . Just sign up a bunch of court whores , like Phillip Lett and they will say can benefit for counseling (due to Minch being the victim). but this is how the corrupt AZ board of nursing like to put a spin on things. Minch refused to sign, to sign , a pack of lies. More integrity than the board. A board run by a cult one one sided thinkers and willing to destroy a good nurses career to protect their fellow board members and their hospital . They certainly have a pattern.

Minch quit this underhanded medical center, sued the harasser and won , a unemployed drug selling tenant , drug in by a nurse living in their apts they own . When yuma medical mess got wind they filed a false report with the AZBN (SIX months after Minch quit. ) . To distract her from suing yuma med center. AZBN had NO business taking on a case that the nurse did NOTHING WRONG. But many of the so called lying witnesses did , and have felons to start with .


***Appealing a sham court, OAh, where A judge heard the entire matter , AFTER closing arguments and hearing over , Minch was told , “a new judge was assigned ” . HUH! Then a few weeks later , Minch was told “a new judge was assigned, THIS IS NUMBER #3 Judge (the latter two were never in the court room, never saw any witnesses ) The 3rd Judge a Bishop Mormon, cult member signed and made those who committed perjury ‘credible” The opinion all written by the corrupt AZ Board of Nursing.

Don’t be fooled by their public bashing bullying and lies , the prosecutor told Minch’s atty “the whole thing is bull shit”. So is she , not even checking out their own witnesses , to see if the ‘nurse expert ‘ is a nurse at all !!

The EX DIR of the BON has a complaint of unprofessional conduct during her working hours. The dirty atty went to the AZ BON with a new policy and had them vote for it, any complaints on BD staff or BD members would be dealt with by HER !

(The EX DIR hired HER (EMMA MAMALUY , talk about dirty back room tricks ! ) EX DIR JO RIDENOUR should be taken out of this position immediately . Her case should have been in front of the board. Unprofessional, unethical, and downright nasty.

They will tell you public safety , that is not what they are doing . 25 years stellar record. This can happen to anyone and has to many, they just don’t talk about it.

Exposing this corruption , and a board that just keeps taking turns and protecting each other is a shame . All of this expense , at the taxpayers dime. NO OVERSIGHT , no one is watching , not even the Gov. SHAMEFUL . !

2 thoughts on “Minch v AZBN-COURT LISTENER.COM”

  1. We can certainly see why the ‘memos’ which are one sided brain washing techniques designed to start rumors , that are mere , delusions of Emma Mamaluy. The little tricks , send the memo to Jo Ridenour then she can spread it . Keeping information from the public is one of the things they are trying at every turn. A very corrupt organization who would rather spend hours sucking up to Ormbudsman to get them on their side of the tracks . Shameful . Why can’t people just do their jobs, do their mandates but instead play games. Preying on those of low brain cells who not only believe the nonsense but act on it . SCARY !! Very SCARY to think those who hold power to destroy with their uneducated vote are in the positions they are in .


  2. If you hold a license for nursing in Arizona , no matter what ‘evidence or defense you have , YOU are guilty even if you prove yourself innocent. YOU cannot obtain protection orders, you cannot carry a weapon to defend yourself. You cannot raise a hand to block a punch, you cannot call police to report anything. And the closer related the person , the more you are GUILTY . Domestic violence NURSES FAULT, patient kick the nurse NURSES FAULT . It’s the nurses fault no matter what .
    With moron Randy Quinn statement “something must have happened ” . profound idiot is all he is . But he was raised it is HER FAULT HER FAULT HER FAULT. Wife gets beat up, do not try to defend yourself because they act like the Bishops, “what did you do to provoke this?” Or ‘go home and make a nice dinner” . Do never ever mention to the biased crazy board that you were raped. They treat the women all the same “what were you wearing ? ” “Did you not look ‘modest ‘ .
    Take the nurse who was a bathing suit model, and brain washed Harrell , asking “do you think that looks modest’ . WHO said you have to look modest ??? Nutsy Holland ? Follow his rules woman and you are a bunch of cowards !
    Do not ever report anything that happened to you to police or the hospital , the board, the cops will all go against you ! You are in a mormon controlled state of mind , and you are back in the communistic countries 100’s of years ago ! FORWARNED !


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