marc H. harris attorney general office

This one is Elizabeth A Campbell’s boss . Also Sunita Krishna. Harris strutted in to the Board of Nursing meeting, like a roster of the flock. Casing the joint like he couldn’t be bothered with pettiness and of course nurses are most woman and not worth much. Scoping the place for his low hanging fruit . Without any hesitation requested nurses license revoked. All in a day’s “work” . Then in a suck up attempt Krishna telling the board what order to do cases, to save him time . Like his time is more important than the other attorney’s or nurses that are non represented. Ridenour telling the board what case to do next . Surely she wants anyone who would pick out their unorganized giggly girls running a board, strange ‘decisions” biases, and inconsistent board decisions to get in and out quickly. Ridenour knows that “bethy” the beast, always hangs with the girls have their lunch date and falsely compliment each other .

The name Harris is common to the board of nursing . Harris was the name of their lobbyist , who Ducey rightfully took away. But turned a blind eye when the boards member , became the AZNA lobbyist within a short time . Can Harris say conflict of interest ? Harris is also a very mormon name and we do know BEUS is full of the cult. Martin Harris mormon from NY to UT/ had “visions of angels and ghosts” long before he was a witness to Joseph Smith seeing golden plates. “A witness ” kinda like the string of liars that Campbell drags thru the Kangaroo Court 1 floor below them ?

Of course Martin Harris beat his wife , committed adultery , like J S did, and changed religions five times . They consider him one of those “good ” mormon’s .

Does Marc H Harris pay attention when Campbell pulls her dirty gertie tricks. ? Does Not look like it. Of course Campbell dragged him along with her when she went to a real court, wasn’t the ‘chosen one’ in this case. Judge even mocked the bitch , and was she nervous. Actually they both should be cause the specific abuse of power the details of what was allowed under his watch are not going away. Waiting for his chief legal office to sign up for his next gig . Playing politics in the court room can be played in the real political arena.

One thought on “marc H. harris attorney general office”

  1. ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL sure did not like being called wrong did she .? She had an easy case pushing it through before an attorney could be found . She did not want to stand off with a real attorney ,unlike herself. a mess . Leagle beagle.
    “your assistant atty does not follow the rules and and knows it but is too proud to admit it ”
    true except , she has nothing to be proud of !! sneaky as a sidewinder.
    The Board meeting consists of everyone thanking each other and apple shining going on all over the place. This experienced Attorney doesn’t beat around the bush , or play nice with the bitches at the board . The Regular attorney’s are all fake , playing nicey nicey . You want an atty who will fight for you and not worry about these commonor’s like Campbell being offended . It’s true .


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