She is one of the psychologists who are on the ARIZONA BOARD OF NURSING list. We like to refer to “the list” as a “shit list “. Any Doc who is willing to do what any agency wants . Tricks nurses , np, cna’s by putting things in almost every report . “certain degree of suspicious” REALLY !!! Like a nurse is suppose to trust someone who ‘partnered ‘ agreed to be a referral with the Corrupt AZ BON ? The nurse who goes in and is honest will not do well.

Remember the nurse pays for the evaluation to prove to an out of control board who thinks everyone is a liar , that you do not have ___problem . And you are paying for these pricey evaluations to CYA the BON. You are also paying to give them more evidence , against yourself . It is also a way to take any money you have saved away for retirement or that needed vacation, and get you worrying about money . Forcing you to sign their consent agreement . You have a hard time finding a job, no one wants to take the chance on you. But you don’t want to lose you license so you can work in your field , that you obviously had a big interest in to invest in this future. Newsflash you most likely will lose your license anyways.

None of them care . They may say, ‘hate to order psych evaluation and find nothing and throw that money out the window” don’t believe it . There are enough callous individuals voting against you . All the while stating their excuse is ‘public safety ” . Emma Mamaluy told them to say that, and the ‘parrots” are very dutiful in that arena.

Why can’t you go to your own psych of your choosing ? well they can’t control them with money ! that’s why !

When you go , another surprise , there will be a paper that says, the ‘board ‘ investigator can contact Rollins . This conversation cannot be for YOUR advantage. This will be on the phone, no written record. And will you be on the line. oh NO !

Then when it is all over , like any real upfront honest doc, you request your records you will get them Request a copy from Rollins – DENIED !! You pay for it and Rollins DENIES you a copy .

We hope this helps someone who the board has ‘decided’ they need a psychological evaluation on . BTW this alone puts a stigma on the nurse. They have no interest in public safety , just finding something to put you on probation for and justify they are actually doing something.


  1. Another victim of the board, went to Rollins, $1200. it cost her . A CNA wages. Those dirty board members would not be ordering these if they paid . “i feel like I have been abused” . You have by a board who is out of control , no one has the brains to run a board as important as this one is to nurses. no wonder these dirty docs want on the list, per easy money for a day. Rollins is a “runner” she won’t be able to run when judgement day comes .


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