The board is in control of your license, your future, your career, and your livelihood. Draconian board members are inconsistent , play favoritism and have no common sense .

Many cases of nurses , NP, CNA, who have worked for years in other states with no problems . On a back ground check some minor offense as a teen shows up . The other states license the person, they worked well , have excellent references . AZ will order psychological evaluations on almost every case. At the Nurses expense , (most states want a psych evaluation , the board pays). These can be extremely expensive . The AZ BON has a list of who you can go to , no one else . These psychs, are well versed , in ‘finding something ” , if they want to remain on “the list”. Just recommending counseling will mean PROBATION.

When the applicant finds out the hoops that AZ does , nothing like what they were used to in their home state. They decide not to work in AZ or do a travel assignment . They decide they want to withdraw their application . Seems simple enough. Not AZ harsh BON. They will DENY LICENSE ! In case you do not know what that means. In Short your entire LIFE is messed up , not only your nursing career , but any job , that you want to apply for or work in any other field you are barred from .

The general public does not know that a BON will act so punitively over some unrelated to nursing one time action . They look at it as you must have done something really bad to have a denial, have a license acted on . Word is out to nurses to avoid Arizona , they think about the sunshine in the winter, the hiking trails, the red rocks . Go on vacation , and have a good time but work in states that have strong unions and do not put up with a BON like the one in AZ.

One thought on “NURSES AVOID ARIZONA ! !”

  1. The Administrative Review Kangaroo Court . A rigged system. The judges are either bought off or just crooked. Nothing fair at all about the hearings , nothing. If you think your going to get a fair shot think again !
    We have a serious problem in our country with judicial malfeasance issues, and it is high time that we finally address it. The data show that thousands of judges have been charged with breaking laws or violating oaths without any consequences. Instead, in secret proceedings that see their peers sit in judgment, too many get nothing more than a simple slap on the wrist for egregious misconducts that would seem to warrant disbarment or even jail time.


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