Carolyn McCormies is unfit to be on the AZBN !!

Hey students! Apparently McCormies does not think she is such a good instructor at Eastern College, or she would not be making degrading statements that she does.

A discussion about nurses who have finished nursing school and are cleared to give vaccine injections was the subject. These people in the past were able to go into a hospital and work for MONTHS before they got the results of there nclex test results. The test was by hand the results were months later . In the mean time they work fully as a RN and NOT just IM injections.

SO McCormies who says a lot of very stupid things. said “I’m just glad I am not getting a vaccine from them ” ! No kidding . She does not even trust her own students, or any new graduate nurse.

They could have exited out as LPN’s a year before , and given lots of shots , started IV”S , checked off in school , but they are not good enough for her ?

Too controlling , too punitive, unfair , harsh, inconsistent . Never should she ever be allowed to be in charge of a nursing department . Only in Safford a school run by BYU. Partial to the mormon nurses.

She used her position on the board of nursing to take down a co worker . It was Logue on the BON who said they all did the same thing, they should all be reprimanded . But Carolyn MCCormies , who had a target nurse she was after , had her little hissy fit and has sucked up to other board members that are now ‘friends’ and got her way. McCormies got downright in her face , and wanted HER WAY.

Another peer nursing instructor , said McCormies husband runs the house, so McCormies gets on a board so she can have power in some area of her life. SHAMEFUL !

Eastern College , keeping this biased , and unfair , impartial is not only hurting themselves but the mormon cult as well.

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Rebel , that is going to bring down the corruption of the AZ board of nursing and the Office of admin law "Sham " court

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