Carolyn McCormies is unfit to be on the AZBN !!

Hey students! Apparently McCormies does not think she is such a good instructor at Eastern College, or she would not be making degrading statements that she does.

A discussion about nurses who have finished nursing school and are cleared to give vaccine injections was the subject. These people in the past were able to go into a hospital and work for MONTHS before they got the results of there nclex test results. The test was by hand the results were months later . In the mean time they work fully as a RN and NOT just IM injections.

SO McCormies who says a lot of very stupid things. said “I’m just glad I am not getting a vaccine from them ” ! No kidding . She does not even trust her own students, or any new graduate nurse.

They could have exited out as LPN’s a year before , and given lots of shots , started IV”S , checked off in school , but they are not good enough for her ?

Too controlling , too punitive, unfair , harsh, inconsistent . Never should she ever be allowed to be in charge of a nursing department . Only in Safford a school run by BYU. Partial to the mormon nurses.

She used her position on the board of nursing to take down a co worker . It was Logue on the BON who said they all did the same thing, they should all be reprimanded . But Carolyn MCCormies , who had a target nurse she was after , had her little hissy fit and has sucked up to other board members that are now ‘friends’ and got her way. McCormies got downright in her face , and wanted HER WAY.

Another peer nursing instructor , said McCormies husband runs the house, so McCormies gets on a board so she can have power in some area of her life. SHAMEFUL !

Eastern College , keeping this biased , and unfair , impartial is not only hurting themselves but the mormon cult as well.

7 thoughts on “Carolyn McCormies is unfit to be on the AZBN !!”

  1. Carolyn McCormies knew the story behind the brand new “policy” but went along with it anyways. This is not someone with INTEGRITY , NOR anyone I would want taking care of any patients that I know . She has done some real shady things. She also just ‘ratifies ” to weasel out of responsibility” . Never admit any wrong doing , just when she gets caught , gets others to clean up the mess and correct it so she can rant about that .
    Never should anyone with her up bringing and past ever make decisions for the general public. They just do not deserve to be judged by a cult member and forced to act like they do . !


    1. Another case before the board of nursing , and Carolyn MCCormies is lying her head off again. ! A case of a Nurse who was railroaded by a liar at a hospital . (most of their cases have to do with someone , much like MCCormies who are willing to lie for the organization !) So This nurse is a traveler in AZ , was accused of taking ativan, which was found floating in the toilet by a nurses aide. Then another said she was rummaging thru a sharps container for 2-3 minutes . Uh huh while the false accuser is watching , uh huh ! This nurse left the facility and did not go back, can you blame her . She went on to get her NP , her PHD in Nursing, when the AZ BON wants to give her a LOC for a case that is years old ! almost timed out of statue !
      The LOC is for failure to scan , which the hospital produced NO documentation at all ! Her atty wants dismissed . And rightly so. It also sounds as if Elizabeth (dirty lawyer) wants it to go away too, because it would make her do a lot of WORK . And might be tossed . Now here is the reason McCormies, (MISS Punitive ) (btw (crap atty Campbell McCormies is NOT a “your honor ” something you messed up on twice within minutes . And McCorney should state it on the record so no one is confused who is there and who is talking , at your crazy board meetings .
      SO MCCormies keeps saying , this was “up to “lose privilege to practice . So again Cindy Mand misclassifies cases ! and get this !!! “she did not talk to the hospital mgt who wanted to discuss it with her ” . NO SHIT !! THIS IS WHY McCormies wants LOC vs dismiss !!! Please show us where the hell it violates the NPA to remain silent to crazy people !!! MCCORMIES you are INCOMPETENT to be on a board this important , you need to stay home . Not be around the grd son, your too looney, stay HOME ! Color or do something to occupy your mindless stupid statements ! As for Boyer, stop being cloned by the crazy Cormie and backing her up !! Other board members , you need to step up to the plate , your hiding behind a vote of a group of people and your making fools of yourself !
      Still cannot believe this incompetent ! “She didn’t follow thru ” WTH!!! Accuse someone with crazy ideas , and your going to ‘have a discussion with them ???/ The Mgt at this facility needs to be charged with sending in a false report to the BON. (OH wait ! that’s why McCormies wants LOC !!! So the hospital is not left holding the responsibility !! ) DIRTY DOG is what you are as well as incompetent ~ “not meeting with the facility and talking about it is more of a concern. ” YOU expecting her to , is really the ONLY CONCERN here !


  2. She’s got some real sucking up to do with new board members who haven’t been ‘trained ‘ like she has , in what started out as the masonic fashion. Secret society .
    The way McCormies has to have ‘her way” even stomping her feet ! Angela Fountain is a follower , not a self thinker, but when they get the new mix in , well it will be interesting .
    If they don’t start barfing right off the bat when McCorney , tries reading her script , like she ‘s instructing a new class of nursing students , reading a fairy tale to toddlers . Logue was a bit of a challenge, and got out . Stand your ground do what ‘s right newbies ! McCormies doesn’t know how ! Programed for deceit .


  3. Carolyn MCCormies is a real joke for sure. Trying to act like she is a trusting individual . Calling nurses out on lying , ‘integrity issues ” . Look in the mirror . Trying to turn the conversation about a deaf and what appears to be demented board member into , “didn’t happen then’ . But it did LIAR . But anyone asks ‘didn’t happen then , lying bitch . She needs to stop her lying. Telling a nurse she cannot hire a preceptor but the board has allowed this in the past, then the LIAR McCormies , says “we are consistent ‘ Damn woman can you stop that LYING !! We know lawyers are big liars so maybe being raised by your father you picked up on it ? Then a son is he a liar too ? Can’t believe someone did not pull this bitch out of there, but the other dirty board members are baffled by her bullshit so she is the president. Which is certainly a step inside of hell’s gates with this board who has a bad reputation and now being head of the snake . Then , as if she can’t be anymore twisted, she says she has so much respect for Joey Ridenour !! Wow talk about clouded thinking ! Sucking up , there ya go . This is the best AZ for professional nurses , so sad !


    1. carolyn JOKE Mccormies , knew that Jokey Ridenour had a board complaint and she voted a new policy in , without mentioning a word of it . Of course Joke jr C M, has “so much respect for Jokey Sr ” . Who can respect a wicked woman who is running a corrupt board of nursing agency ? Carolyn Joke McCormies can ! She knew about the complaint and knew why they were voting on a policy , this is no different than LYING , deceiving, underhanded , and unethical . Both should be kicked out of the agency, and see if AZ can find nurses with integrity to run a agency that determines nurses careers !

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  4. Uh , hard to sit there and hear the nonsense ! Take the Embry matter . McCormies wants to nail her for practicing outside of her scope so bad. So she can give her a DOC ! “without getting into the case too much because people are listening. ” It is an open public meeting ding bat ! What are you hiding sneaky one ? There are also people IN THE ROOM. It didn’t stop you from bringing up every detail on SELECT few . Because McCormies is BIASED , and INCONSISTENT on the cases. Carolyn tells more about herself and her incompetence than she does about others . That rude manners of hers clearing that deep throat INTO THE MIC, because she wants others in the room to hear. SIGNALING others . It is rude interrupting a speaker ! As if someone can’t figure it out. She always does her hacking , sputum gurgling when OTHERS are talking . Then the repeating the same thing OVER AND OVER . “She claimed to be medical director (4 times) “sending a message ” x 4 “huge to do that ” x 3 then just HUGE ! . A NP is limited to women’s health . WTH ?? Where does it say that ??? As an Rn you can give tests shots to ANYONE , but advance to a NP and you cannot? Idiot ! Silly stupid McCormies , just keep proving how stupid you really are . many OB Drs do vasetomies , oh hey carolyn , that is on a MAN !!!BTW , it is all part of the reproductive system ‘ Barbers cannot stop beauticians from cutting men’s hair, cause , hair has no sex and covid vac / tests are NOT GENDER SPECIFIC. It is really really hard to hear this dumb board running their babble mouths and saying NOTHING intelligent , NOTHING !!!
    Then Ms board member by someones’ big error in judgement. Goes on to lecture if this NP cannot pick people to do the job and she does not have the ability to take on responsibility she shouldn’t be doing it . I guess one could say the same for Jo (SR) Ridenour , and her recommendation to the GOV to select Carolyn McCormies to the BON !. And bring the looney tunes back . Does she really think saying the SAME WORDS OVER AND OVER , is not wasting everyone’s time . Or are people on the BON so stupid she has to repeat over and over and over THE SAME THING so they can catch on.


    1. UH, the other board members were hand picked zombies that can only agree with what the harsh punitive bitch wants on nurses . But not her NURSE STUDENT who made a med error and DID NOT FOLLOW DR ORDERS , Of Course McCORMIES the dishonest bitch wants to protect another mormon !


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