When are you going to start keeping an eye on Elizabeth Campbell. Over stepping every chance she gets . Pulling sneaky tricks into the mix. Taking licenses of good nurses ! Taking advantage of a new one comes along, they know nursing and do not know legal or how corrupt the system is and she takes advantage of that . SHAME ON her and everyone in BRNOVICH’s office . You can’t be that hard up to do shake downs of nurses who are accused with no evidence . None. Criminals have more rights.

Prosecuting when she knows there is no case. A nurse tells where the evidence is and to look at this . They do not want to see anything . What a life , being the head of the snake . If she was any good she’d go after Drs, who always hire lawyers .

But she isn’t just dirty wicked evil tricks. Corrupt as they come.

3 thoughts on “JOHN TELLIER”

  1. John Tellier is just like “Joey ” Ridenour, just ignore everything and let them do what ever they want , while she sits on her butt collecting a paycheck to be the director . The only involvement she has is making sure that Ducey gets the names of the ones she wants on the board. She does not want any whistler blowers. She wants those who have a ‘like think ” , just like the psych’s they have on their ‘list” . Criminals who have broken the law committed acts of violence, have left a string of victims have more rights than nurses. A criminal attorney would laugh Jokey , Bethy Campbell , and Krishna out the door. it is called E V I D E N C E . shoe me the EVIDENCE !! The standard this board uses is a punitive nut job president (how she snuck this in, got her ‘friends’ to vote her in , and SISTER WIVES) . They aren’t going to stop on their own, someone has to give them a big wake up call. Jail terms, revoke their licenses for their conspiracy acts.


  2. JOHN TILLIER is an INAPPROPRIATE , a- hole. He went to the AZ BON meeting sat there , not sure what his ‘role’ was but he decided that it was to be entertained ! While a nurse was talking to the bon, he was sitting their laughing like a hyena . He face turned beat red trying not to make noise, and get it recorded . So he was busting a gut , face was ready to explode , he looked as if he was sitting on the toilet trying to pass a turd that went side ways. Childish , disrespect . This is on of Mark Brnovich’s staff members. A agency that is suppose to be knowledgeable, informed, and have some degree of professional behavior.
    Oh yes, Tillier , you are a complete ass. He knows in a real court room he would have been thrown out , disrupting the meeting . Elizabeth Campbell has to bring her back up men, when she’s over her head . Which doesn’t take much. Shame on Tillier, he should lose his career , just like the nurse did . What a dog , sit their going nuts cracking up where everyone could see him . Including the bd members . Funny ?? Inappropriate laughter, he belongs with the baboons in a cage.


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