Mark Brnovich Employee


Many of the attorney’s would have BAR complaints but they have ‘connections” . Just like Hospitals and Bd of Nursing. Scratch each others backs . Should all be sitting in prison for a long time. Politics keeps them free to do the dirty work. Look at Elizabeth Campbell , another dirty dog. Sent formal notice, certified and regular mail to Jennifer Dursma in Tucson. Why did she do this? Well Dursma is a herion IV drug user, they must have scoured records to see who would not call the BD office and say WTH is this ? So they looked at the revoked cna, and said hey she ‘s a druggie lives in a crack house, let’s send it all to her ! (the papers that were to be sent out legally to the one who was being railroaded . ) IF a nurse made such a HUGE mistake, they would be before the BON ordered a psych eval, put on probation and revoked for not working while on probation. When the person who was SUPPOSE to get the notice , showed up they went into ILLEGAL EXE Session. Not for legal advise to tell lies to the new ones . Campbell is a dirty dog. An Atty called her on her sneaky unscrupulous ways, last board meeting . Of course the corrupt board of nursing, sticks by her, she is prosecuting good nurses for them. They only way these filthy underhanded can ‘win’ is by cheating . No wonder lawyers are scum of the earth , rare to find one who sticks up for justice . Rare , the rest will answer for their actions someday.

Brnovich plans on another gig, he might think about cleaning up his own house . Nurses are heros , bad time to ignore your pettifogger “Beth” Campbell , and her sneaky ways.

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