In one state he is “C” in anther he is CHAD .

This is the one married to ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL . She is a horrible individual who will prosecute anyone , and if there is a case or not . She will manufacture one .

Why are we telling you this ? Well birds of a feather tend to flock together and are ‘like thinkers’ . Just be aware .

Campbell has done some pretty shady things, take the time she was in the small one sided corrupt judges (alj’s ) court , and was bringing up everything known to man that was unrelated . Who let’s this bimbo get away with this . Well she upset the NP, so they decided to have hearing another day. So she comes waltzing in looking as disheveled as usual , with her gang of bullies , ready for round two. Then she gets a surprise, witnesses ! So she is pissed and her ugly face got worse, demanded her cohorts get in the hall way. Where is looks like she ‘called it off” . Dang , lost her FUN! Such a good plot , get him upset and the security guard will take him out and put that in her record as a WHOA moment . Only Bizarre Beth doesn’t tell you no need for a security guard and he wasn’t there the first time . But hey it is tax payers money , WHATEVER she can dream up , to intimidate and get others to act they way she wants !

Then a male from VA Campbell rushed the case to get it through so she wouldn’t have to have a lawyer on the other side. No one available over Christmas, Campbell saw her chance to push the case through. Anyone with 1/2 a brain would know these 3 women were lying there heads off ! This is where you got to watch this snakey Campbell , she knows their lying but doesn’ t care . ! Just please her board of nursing . E Z targets nurses are . Caring , not into legal technicalities. An attorney of many years, told the BON exactly what Ms lazy butt is about “too proud to admit it !” haha QHWHEEEE Bizarre Beth did not like that ! Truth hurts !

No one can live with someone and not be a ‘little ‘ bit like her , at least this is our opinion. And “C” or is it “CHAD ” or is it Andrew. , is with Industrial Commission. Another state employee , just putting time in to pick up a pay check and get a retirement . If he is like “beth ” then he has no conscience , he can do what she is doing and saw fair , due process ? , following their oath ?? Post here if you have had experience with that court and him.

Don’t think you would ever see these two opening an office and doing a days work, they are sucking off the state’s tit. Going through the motions of having hearings, pitiful. Yea no “husband and wife law ” team here “. Not the way Bizarre Beth has to have her way !.

Just like Bizarre Beth Campbell knows full well the investigators are liars at the BON, we are just guessing now, but thinks the MR Campbell knows what she does is underhanded as well . Does this reflect on Mr Campbell what his wife does ? Well , according to Elizabeth “Bizarre ” Beth, all family members are the same. And they are the only ones who know what is really going on , even if they do not stay in contact for years ! So does this apply ? Looks like it . Just ask Bizarre Beth .

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