Add your complaint here , send a copy to the news media . Gov. Ducey does not have any control over them , he said. If the agency is like this do you really want to work in AZ as a nurse ?. BTW if you attend board meetings (mandatory as a student) all the talk about is the nurse following up on time. Never mind they lose paperwork, do not answer the phone, transfer you to a phone line full of messages no one answers , and you are on hold HOURS , not minutes HOURS . And in person they will steal your credit card information use it and say ‘nothing we can do , no proof” although their Board cases there is no proof of anything , just ‘reasonable ” . IF a board does not answer the phone, and a nurse needs an answer to a clinical question, how are these incompetents protecting the public ???

tried calling twice. The first time I waited 30 minutes on hold with no response. The second time I waited 1hr and 15 minutes and spent about 2 minutes talking to the representative on the phone. I got my questions answered but the representative had no sympathy that I had to wait that long to speak to her for 2 minutes. I have been waiting a month and half to get approved so I can take the NCLEX and nothing yet. I have had classmates already take their exam and pass in Oregon with no problem and here I am a sitting duck.

Blue Collar Beard Co1 review2 years agoIve been waiting months for my CNA endorsement. ive made numerous calls to get an update and get a different answer every time. was told “it will be done by feb first”… it isnt. called again and had them tell me “we are just too busy. it will get done when it gets done.” Asked for my money back because at this point i will find another job. wont refund my money, so essentially, they were paid to do a job in which they arent doing. total joke

each time i sat on hold for OVER AN HOUR. Most recently, an hour and 26 minutes

.Britney Heidemann3 reviews2 years agoHave not had a good experience with them.
1st contact – didn’t take my paperwork. Set me back 2 weeks.
2nd contact – didn’t give me a copy of my paperwork. Still struggling to get it.
3rd contact – called to request copy of paperwork. Guy had no idea what I was talking about. Said he’d speak with a supervisor then call me back. Never called me back.
4th contact – on phone for 20+ minutes, never spoke to a soul.
5th contact – went to office for paperwork. Lady didn’t know what I was talking about but took my info and would speak with someone. No results.
6th contact – lady told me I didn’t need certain paperwork to send with an application. Doubt that’s true.
7th contact – currently on phone with them to verify what lady told me. It’s been an hour. Haven’t spoken to anyone. Do people actually work there?

Just NoraLocal ThanksJJI DD1 review4 years ago If there was an option for 0 stars, totally would.

Trying to get a hold of someone if pretty much impossible. Supposed to be …MoreB Galini3 reviews2 years ago DON”T GET A LICENSE in this state. It’s horribly corrupt. You’ll lose it faster than you can blink while being charged with fake complaints that you will NEVER get out from under on.

Mary Brevik1 review2 years agoI agree that web site and the phone communication is not clear at all. The staff sound bored on the phone and audibly sigh when a question is asked that needs clarification.

Yuliya Dreyer4 reviews2 years agoThis web site is not user friendly
No iPad or mobile device??? I have to own a computer to renew???Jake Anderson1 review2 years agoI’ve been on hold for an hour now just to ask them some information about my CNA renewal. How does this department even function???

Diane Wilson2 reviews2 years agoI applied for an LNA and they did not notify me of what they needed from me until I have waited 5 months for them to process my application. I’m still trying to get my LNA but the Board is very slow, it has now been almost a YEAR! Calling them on the phone is another nightmare in of itself. The people on their lines also do not know how to give out clear information.DeNice5 reviews2 years agoMoving from out of state and wanted to begin endorsement process early. However there were details I could not find on the website. Attempted to contact then and was on the phone three times for 30 minutes each. No answer from staff. Sent email which it took them a week to respond. Horrendous service.

Kimberly D10 reviews4 years ago Each time I have called the AZ state board I have been helped in a positive manner.
Wait time is long, however it depends on the time you call.
Each individual has been very nice. (AZNA member Womack a suck up , there is always one ! ) Even after being screwed over by them ! Decided to use sucking up!

Miram King7 reviews2 years ago Very efficient board.. Got my license to practice done within 2weeks.

Jordan McBride2 reviews2 years ago Waited on the phone to speak to someone for an hour and 20 minutes. The woman was not able to answer the question I called about and then transferred me to someone else’s line, who did not answer, and their mailbox was full. It’s a waste of time to try to contact anybody here.

Rebecca McCullough1 review4 years agoThe Arizona Board of Nursing is a JOKE! Would give a negative star rating if I could. They should embody compassion as nurses are taught. Instead they NEVER answer the phone, and when they find it in their hearts to do so, they are rude and condescending in their response. They do not care, and I have spoken to many new nurses that tell others in the area to go ANYWHERE but Arizona to get licensed, because of their experience with the AZ Board of Nursing. Anyway, if you have to deal with these people GOOD LUCK and God be with you!

Janice WilliamsLocal Guide·12 reviews·4 photos4 years agoCould not of asked for better service. The lady in the office who helped me was very kind, professional and helpful. She was also very patient and helped me get the process going for getting my nursing license.L S1 review3 years agoNo one will answer the phone. No wonder there is a nursing shortage. have tried multiple upon multiple times for information.

Joe RoseberryLocal Guide·14 reviews·1 photo3 years ago Very rude. Must not be a happy place to work! No follow up. You must constantly send emails. Search “Complaints Arizona State Board” and you will get some very surprising information. Does not appear to be professionally run state agency.

Beverly Lawver5 reviews3 years agoSo far, they have been professional and helpful , both on visit and phone.

Kelly CullenLocal Guide·28 reviews·3 photos3 years agoWent today and couldn’t be happier I drove from Tucson. I moved from Minnesota and the ladies in the office were so efficient and helpful with everything I needed to complete for my license!

Brittany Klinger12 reviews3 years agoHorrible experience with the testing procedure for the CNA course. They do no recording of the test results, the test proctor used her husband as the actor and they totally botched the results to steal money from students. Nothing explains an entire class of students failing the non written portion and scoring 80% or above. Nothing can be proven because there is no evidence. However, when told of the possibility that the test proctor may be embezzling money from the students there was no remediation only the student being brushed off and told that she would have to pay another $88 to retake the test. Dispicable.

Maria Sanchez58 reviews3 years ago It’s very hard to get a phone call answer to a live person.Lot of people can’t get to the office expensive to get there.
Thomas Flood7 reviews4 years ago

Lost everything I sent to them. Took days to get anyone to look. Still have not found it. Impossible almost to talk to a real person but that is not surprising since they are Gov. Employees. (note a nurse wrote in another site, that BRENT SUTTER was telling a date that he was throwing faxes in the garbage , and saying “we lost it ” . to frustrate a nurse who is trying to comply. Dirty tricks, shameful ! Another employee willing to do ‘what ever” , oh and he has a felony that go buried !

Dora Dixon2 reviews5 years ago been CNA for 14yrs.. I like what I do, helping patients.. Thank u, AZ state board of nursing for helping me with no problem renewing my certification 🙂

Brooke A Finley10 reviews2 years ago Got an APRN license in less than a month after submitting all required documentation. Initially, I submitted the wrong form online and it was corrected by the staff within a few weeks. (note A FEW WEEKS ! ) hope you got license protection ! pretty sloppy to send the wrong documents !

Tatum2 reviews2 years agoIn November I paid $100 for my LNA, it’s January. I’ve called multiple times with having to wait 45-75 minutes. Honestly I don’t even want my license anymore I just want my money back.

Kenneth W7 reviews3 years agoNO STARS. pretty poor

Paji Hung3 reviews·3 photos3 years agoIf I could I’d like to give only 0 star. The staff on the phone was very rude. The only thing she did was passing the buck to others; she didn’t solve any problem at all. I was stunned by her discourtesy and lack of professionalism.

JustinLocal Guide·8 reviews·1 photo3 years agoTransferring a CNA license between states is at least a 30 day process, which begins once they receive your paperwork. Seems a little bit arbitrary and drawn out. Things like this are why there is a worker shortage in the nursing field.

Susana Royce6 reviews2 years ago website states working hours 8-5, had to hang up when I first called then tried again, I have been trying to get a hold of somebody since 8am, now it is noon. I have been on hold for almost 2 hours, I was already getting a headache from them .

Everyone of you should write to the Gov with CC to stop the madness Clean house .


  1. Nurses graduating and those from other states , think twice before getting a license in Arizona . Think long and hard about it ! Cindy Mand ASSociate dir will say very few come before the board of nursing. So if 1-2% of people die on the spot getting a covid vaccine, it is ok to keep giving them . Like just look at the odds and your good . First they lie about the numbers . Surely any BON complaints on anyone they know will get tossed . They lie A LOT !


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