ROBERT ELLIS AZ Board of Nursing

BSIT , or should stand for BULL SHITTER I TOO. This big black dude is listed as IT dept but has been doing bouncing while on duty . Doubles as a bouncer. This is a trick that hospitals use bring in a big DO WHO , tall and big but no brains big dummies what we call them . Bruiser, bully what ever you call this type. At work they are called to turn patients or pick them up cause of their size. The smart ones say get a hoyer lift. And the smart ones will not bow to the dirty director , and harass the public . They would say, what are the security guards for and refuse . No matter how full the tip jar got . Jokey will pay big bucks at this point , she got her tits in the wringer and is facing the music. “if you want to lead the band you got to face the music ” Only Robert Ellis boss is using him , big dummy that he is, will do ANYTHING at the BON. And Jokey doesn’t know how to lead with integrity she only knows how to intimidate , via using others to do her dirty work . That is where dutiful Robert comes in .

Ellis is too stupid to not question this manipulator , and Jokey thinks her hands are clean but using others . In person or on the phone this is how he operates. Here is a review of Jethro aka Robert Ellis , the over sized bully bouncing bookkeeper.

((I agree with all of the reviews that state that the Arizona Board of Nursing doesn’t answer their phones in a reasonable amount of time. My wife is a nurse for a clinic in Arizona, and we renewed her license online only to find out that we couldn’t print it because our printer was down. Apparently this is a one-time only event, and if you don’t print it then, you can’t print it later (a flaw that should be corrected by their I.T. employees). She needed a copy to show her supervisor that she has a current license, so I told her to call the Board. She did, only to be left on hold indefinitely and had to hang up to attend to her patients. I told her that I would call for her the next day.
When I called, I was put on hold for almost 30 minutes before someone answered the phone. I told her the story about my wife needing a printable license. She asked me if my wife was available, to which I stated that she was at work and doesn’t have the time to wait on hold. She stated that “unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to…” and knowing what she was going to say, I cut her off and stated “I need to talk to somebody who can answer this question because she doesn’t have the time to be f****ng with you guys.” She stated “Oh, so if, we won’t be able to continue this conversation with you speaking with me in that way!” These are all direct quotes; I recorded the conversation as well as the Board of Nursing who also recorded this conversation. I then asked to speak with a supervisor who will talk to me.
A little over two minutes later, a supervisor came on the phone and I asked for his name. He replied “Robert” (he later stated that he was the Assistant Director of Operations). I explained the situation just like I did with the initial employee. After we talked for a couple of minutes, we got the situation resolved. He then proceeded to scold me by stating, and again, this is a direct quote from my recording: “We will not tolerate swearing and talking down to our employees. We have a very strict policy about what we can and will and will not provide. You are not [wife’s name], so I will go out of my way to make sure we send something out, OK but we will, I will not tolerate that conduct, and don’t call back here talking to my employees like that again, are we clear?” I pressed him on why they take so long to answer the phone, at which time he stated “are, are we clear?” I attempted to inform him that they only received a 2 out of 5 rating and was going to explain about the long wait times, but he then continued with “OK Sir, thank you very much for your day, OK. We’ll get the license sent out to you, OK? Thanks!” He then hung up on me.
Yes, I dropped the F-bomb, and judge me if you want, but remember I was calling on behalf of my wife who works clinic hours (the same time that the Board of Nursing is open) and I was put on hold for almost 30 minutes. To add insult to injury, the initial employee who I spoke with would only talk to my wife, who again was at work. I understand that they do this for privacy reason, but they can prevent this by answering their phones in a reasonable amount of time, i.e. less than 10 minutes. Then I got scolded by a supervisor in a very rude manner! I wish that whoever oversees the Board of Nursing reads these reviews and takes action, just like the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

NOTICE : Robert ELLIS is not a supervisor but a ASSociate dir, so he can make the big bucks , his department is not answering the phone, but using his sharp tongue to attack anyone who goes against any incompetent member of the BON. No matter how rude , incompetent, lazy they are . Jokey Ridenour is running this outfit , (to the ground ! ) instead of making corrections she uses morons like Robert to mouth off to the public . Guess she got the idea from lying lawyer .

Don’t believe a word they tell you about how fast they answer the phone, they lie about everything !

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