Make no mistake. This is AUDREY SUSAN TAYLOR , and ROD TAYLOR partners in crime.

If you see her ask her if she took her 95 year old mother to Pellston airport , left her there , did not wait until the plane was boarded or left and the plane did not go ! Left to find a ride .

Then ask her if she told her to “get an apt ” , because she did not want her to stay with her . She got an apt, no phone , so Audrey called Betty Last, 85 to go and deliver messages.

Then ask her if she accused her dad of ‘buying a house ‘ out from under her ” . When he bought it for her . He called her wine ee one , oh yea , but the older he got the more she came around and sucked up . Dropped off 1/2 eaten dried out cake.

The minute he died her and Rod went over and grabbed the money. Acted like they did inventory, and how pain staking that was . !

Then he wanted to go to FLa , she packed a bag , gave him keys to his truck , even though he was not suppose to drive . He had many fender benders in town where he was familiar , and was all over the road. Well he headed for Fla got in an accident on the way. On the way back he got on the freeway going the wrong way hit a van killed 7 people and himself. Audrey and 3 others fought about the money for years, but she lied when my atty asked if they settled it together and got along . ‘yes” what a liar ! The judge reappointed an atty to take over “they would never agree” . Money is their love just the mormons, Elizabeth Campbell, and all else involved . The love of money is the root of all evil and they are ALL EVIL . !

Now back up Audrey and Rods (former employers relative ) and cop were called by several to keep him off the road. He went over asked him who the president was and that was it ! safe to drive. Idiot .

Audrey lived in Gaylord , (where rod got fired , moved back to Cheboygan ) she worked as a commoner , a clerk . Sue Tryban lived there too and went in where Audrey worked, who would push the expensive items through the line, not ring them up . Got their Christmas shopping lifting done this way. Partners in Crime .

Now the favored one, she could whine and get what ever she wanted , she loved money . And said when she met Rod , “his parents have a house on Mullett lake ” well that did it $$$ in her eyes . Had two boys, then pregnant , not sure how sex once a year , was Rod’s complaint . Audrey did not want another one, set up an appt for an abortion . Oh yea, so much like Whoria !

Betting she’ ll lie all about this now. She made up whoppers on other siblings too got all but the drunk taken off . As manipulative as Elizabeth Campbell.

Oh but KMD , (atty phx ) could just not stop rolling his eyes at her responses her wanting to smear but not answer a thing. Get this , ! she even said “i plead the fifth !!!” like NO SHIT really . Laughable moment .

She is a really POS , huge turd . She fits right in with Campbell the dirty Board of Nursing , while pretending to be Mr and Mrs proper . HAHA

Rod is a liar too , probably the most gutless male on the face of this earth . They bought a house in Fla same town as grandma, Audrey is so much like her mother, can’t get enough of that MONEY !! Cannot get enough. !

They do not want anyone around who will ruin their little made up fairy tale lies! (just like the Board of nursing ! ) Amazing the similarities . Amazing.

Oh and of course they do not want to face anyone they screwed out of their fair share , surely they got a ‘story ‘ made up for that !! Oh yea ! Maybe that is why Audrey and Rod did not tell anyone about grandma dying , and had a quickie funeral. Audrey left certain names out of dads obituary , thinking that would help if anyone disputed the estate , she found out it did not matter so put the names in the second go around . Wicked and just plain EVIL . The perfect crime, most people would spend years in a prison cell, but just like the board of nursing they get away with it, for now ……………………………………………………………………

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Rebel , that is going to bring down the corruption of the AZ board of nursing and the Office of admin law "Sham " court


  1. Ha, all of these post are extremely accurate. I’ve caught people in the attorney general’s office stealing protected health information from me. Furthermore these criminal like John Tellier admit to their crimes and proceed to even rub my nose in it like their untouchable. Someone need to knock them off their pedestal right on their asses. They need to be incarserated for that done and then sent to burn in hell.

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