You just cannot help the way you are . Raised by a drunken lazy lying mother . Typical for those who are in this type of dysfunctional living arrangement to excel in other areas , to take the attention off of the slobbering slut always drinking , always getting arrested. That be mommie dearest Gloria Dabbs. Shaking in the mornings, you never knew where she was or when she’d come home . Barry was the Rock. CPS called all the time , neighbors knew . Court ordered work, her temp boss he knew. She even conned that poor man out of money be hauling your butt in their to tell him how you ‘succeeded’. Just like Whoria succeeded , the corrupt board of nursing played right into her hands.

Some day you will sort out the lies, the corrupt bd never could . Stupid one sided thinkers only wanted to save one of the bd members hospital . No matter what.

Ever wonder how Whore got that house ? Ever wonder why William was devastated and she used him. Ever wonder why sis told Whoria if she shows up at her wedding she will call the police ?

One thing Parker , your grandmother was abused for years by loud mouth drunk, and what did you do ? You know it was not a good set up ! Whoria Bar hopping while she was alone . Whoria never could stand anyone to succeed , she was elated when the license went . You might have license someday too . Would Whoria got to court to try to destroy your career ? Grandma said and did what she could to survive . I hope you enjoy what ever you get off of Gloria the lying drunk, you cheated some decent folks out of what they would have gotten . Just hope that the state doesn’t pay for her alcohol induced hepatitis . And those cigarettes well she deserves what ever she gets there.

Oh be sure and ask about the process server Whoira was avoiding ! A hoot, she hide in the house, they called the police when she had to get groceries or melt, the process server told the cops what they were there for told her to come out, and she got served . FUNNY , now when she lies about that , ask her why she was HIDING !!! Oh and then ask her about the 25k she stole from her dad’s place . Oh yea you got ripped off with a mother like that !! ( Her and the Board of Nursing are like twins ! no wonder they hooked up , and Elizabeth Campbell too ! Nikki Austin oh yea , she was going to do what her dir wanted , take her down .

IF you think for one minute a dirty board will take a license for no reason, you are still uneducated . Study up . Take care of your sister , your drunken whore mother favored you over her , sad . Actually Whore is depending on YOU to support her . You know she is so lazy she never got 10 years in to draw unemployment . But her lies can put a good nurse out of a career.

Sad life, people like her only destroy lives , but so does the board of nursing that’ is why they made such a team . Yup they player in to her cards for sure , sad she was so abusive to grandma, don’t think it did not take every avenue to stop it . Oh and the creep who contacted her, is another drunk , yup both sociopaths. Remember !!! Whoria is the one who got into my business , she is the one who went to extremes, she was ‘witness ‘ to nothing ! I had nothing to do with her , but she could call names , and that’s what this dirty board wanted. Oh and ask her when is the last time she and Audrey got together HAHAHA .

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