We sure have an opinion of this creep . A little back ground here , Randy Quinn is mormon, you can do your own research on this cult , but so far haven’t found anything good.

It appears that mormon’s only do business with other mormon’s , not non mormon’s if they can help it. They will let you pay them for services. So why would anyone do business with a mormon who sends 10% of all they make to build a bigger monster. ? Randy Quinn was responsible for taking away nurses licenses unduly . He will argue that , we’re sure. He seemed to be much harder on females but then , that is how mormon’s are . All women are not equal in this cult. Randy Quinn is biased, many cases went before the az board of nursing , make you wonder WHAT? Letting others with a slap on the wrist! Treat your fellow nurse fairly , no way . ! Talking out loud to others on board influencing them how he wanted the vote to go, all the time. His vice president , anther mormon. Nurses don’t have a chance . There are some cases that you wonder did this moron read anything ? Was it all back room talk , to save a hospitals wallet ? What the hell is going on ! Putting nurses on probation , and ordering skills evaluations no way they could ever pass and this moron has said this , ‘can’t send more nurses over , no one has passed ” but he did selectively ! set them up to fail . But when you study up on mormon’s you will see a Bishop , talk to women like they are dirty , (what did you do to make him do this ? and blaming them for everything. Those brought up in this cult , are trying to deal with their upbringing . A few things Randy Quinn did , was tell nurses to “Shut up ” . More than one, tell nurses ‘Im going to order skills eval , but you won’t pass it ” . Who this this jerk think he is ! ? “I can’t help they way you were raised ” (as if being raised a mormon is ‘good” ! ) Thank God everyday not raised by mormon’s ! His parents can’t even pronounce , nurse anestheist . we sure hope they are not bragging about their little randy dandy . ! nothing to be proud of there , that is for sure. ! Ordering skills evaluations when Randy Quinn the moron knew no one was passing them ! He was setting nurses up ! “judging nurses who had a drink too many and drove, were victims of domestic violence. Calling nurses liars ! “Your not the first nurse to sit in that chair and lie to me ” . As if the biggest lie by Quinn , “protect the public ‘ bears any truth ! While Quinn is playing favorites with attorneys. He knows which ones are mormon’s and their clients seem to do better . Biased . Saving a male mormon’s license no matter what! Avoiding ordering psych evaluations on many males who should have had one. Of course , they all think every woman is crazy. Quinn knows the psych evals are rigged. When a nurse has to go to one on the boards list , well he knows or should know. Abusing psych evaluations, placing a stigma . Quinn thinks he is in charge of the money, they got it passed the nurse pays for evaluations so they order them a lot . Running the board like he was raised, if you don’t go along with the program , ex communicated or ‘revoked” . Like he is a gatekeeper of licenses.

Who would ever allow someone with this distorted biased thought process to make money off of them when he put so many good nurses out of a career ? Look up who is a member of the anesthesia group and refuse to have any of them near you . He had some runs in at County so started his own group. How would Quinn like to be without a license ? We’ve seen him in action , he has some very big lapses in judgement for sure.

When you read that this moron was pres of the board of nursing , don’t think for one minute that he has any superior skills than the next nurse . Nothing ! the mormon’s get into many government jobs to protect another mormon , part of being a cult.

There are words that come to mind just thinking of what a creep he really is, a dirty low down political hack , thinks he is capable of judging other nurses , pretending he is some kind of a judge , when he is just a wicked evil control freak .

You stole careers , your stole livelihoods, you know in many cases the nurse did nothing wrong, you just ruled against in a political hack method or taking care of friends , and the hell with the rest . Your ‘hunch’s ‘ are a joke , “something must have happened ” . There is a thing called evidence , and proof, which the corrupt board of nursing does not have to prove . Just get some dirty board member to suggest a vote to the stupid yes yes women and a person’s life is upside down, you have destroyed a family, a person ‘s dream . And for that , we only hope you get to be the one who has to worry about your finances and your license next time.


  1. Randy Quinn, ran a very corrupted board meeting . Just one example , he was protecting a NP who messed up , not only one complaint but multiple . Probably more they do not do deep digging on other mormon’s so they don’t find anything .
    A timed meeting for this person , the room full of students. Quinn was trying to keep information to a minimum , while he fought with a couple of board members who were against his LOC (letter of concern) . He said the students could leave and basically the board meeting was over . (he lied). Once in a great while the board members would actually think for themselves , read a case and say uh no they need to have DOC or probation and be watched. After having many hissy fits he got his way . He was protecting this person, and doing it selectively . A real dog . One of the biggest problems with nursing , favoritism .
    He was no where near qualified to be a bd president , and did a lousy job of it . Caused a lot of pain , suffering in nurses . He will tell his jock friends, he had a tough job to do and nurses lie, he had to make some tough decisions . Another lie . It is pretty easy to treat others fairly , but when you play favoritism , with some your a failure . If Randy Quinn is like this at the BON , he has to have some over lapping on the job . Don’t be fooled by his past bd pres, or march of dimes award , the dir of the bd husband is on the board there . Don’t be fooled by this fool ! And if you work there , watch your back !


    1. RANDY QUINN is a life time brain washed cult card carrying member of he JOKE SMITH gang of dumb and dumb . YOU can see those special underwear . He thinks he is a bishop and knows more than everyone . BE CAREFUL OF THIS TYPE !!!! SCARY as nurses scarier than hell.


  2. Has anyone really gotten together any more than the contents of this website to bring awareness about the corruption? It’s obvious that the board of nursing is in bed with the attorney general who obviously has some type of control over Doug Ducey. I believe the only way that we’re really going to shed some light on this and get some change is by notifying news outlets, to get someone to write an expose. Does anyone know if this is ever been done?

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    1. Just discovered this sight and its amazing because I’ve had this hunch that the BON really could protect the public if they wanted to but choose not to. Also had this hunch that the process they use is corrupt and I might be right. We can notify News Outlets but we have to put it together in an organized way with evidence.

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  3. Forget news outlets . They have a high paid liar at the board named emma mamaluy who will tell them some whoppers . Social Media rocks. It was the internet that Jokey and her corrupt gang got the word out on nurses . (The majority of it untrue ) . Expose them for what they are . The auditor general better be looking into this gang . Send in your statements , and they will have to act.
    What is really sickening are the members on staff who believe the tall lies . No independent thinkers for sure !


    1. randy quinn is dishonest, he took an oath to be fair and unbiased. Many cases at the board of nursing , he let other mormon’s off with little or nothing . The punishment for what they did was nothing and he made sure he kept their names off the web page. Instead he smeared good nurses name over nothing. Just like the cult woman cannot report a male out of line. A male that is dangerous without some moron like quinn saying , what did you do to upset him. Always turning it on the female. He was raised this way, the hours of brain washing , his entire life hearing over and over the garbage they fling . It carried over in other areas of his life , this is why no one should ever allow a mormon to judge anyone . They are mental messes . This is also a reason no one should ever allow quinn or any of his associates to give anesthesia , never . Will he only pay attention and do the right thing with mormon’s ? he has already proven he treats them better . Do not trust him or anyone from that office . They want to run your entire life , and judge you according to some sick ‘saw a vision ‘joseph smith . A statue of this monster who not only took multiple wives but ones who were already married. Ethically void all of them !


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