Are you going to be like the rest or are you going to be honest and fair ?

We are a watchdog group and know there is certainly corruption going on at the OAh , you are new there so we will give you the benefit of the doubt .

Ruin a nurses career and life or say the board of nursing nazis , are out of control !

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Rebel , that is going to bring down the corruption of the AZ board of nursing and the Office of admin law "Sham " court

One thought on “ADAM STONE ALJ Phoenix OAH”

  1. It appears that adam stone if living up to what we suspected . “you don’t like cathy do you?” very odd a judge asking people questions. And only weird ones ! If you can’t make it as a lawyer become a judge the alj have very few rules to follow . Ask Elizabeth Campbells husband. another lazy lawyer.


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