NP with DNP titles

For those who got DNP behind their names, it is a joke to those of us who know you did not go to medical school and do not have near the training as a real DR. You make yourselves look like fools . Especially those at the Board of Nursing during a meeting “DR —–” what a JOKE . IF they do not correct the title to public or patients it is fraud . Misleading . It is a felony in some states. This is my best response to those who think they are “DR’S” or deserve the titles. No one in music would ever have students call the DR , no one in any other field should ether . You are a NURSE , and until you go to medical school. stop pretending you anything more . Your education is a bunch of theory BS. Taught to you by nurses . The longer you are in NURSING school for initials behind your name the less you know about real nursing . ! This is my story , and thank you for allowing my post .

I used to be on the other side of this until I went to medical school. Now that I know just how hard becoming a physician is (and I still have a year to go) it is honestly insulting when other fields misappropriate themselves as “just as well trained” or “better” than physicians (the “heart of a nurse brain of a doctor” is the worst) and let patients assume they are their physician by using the title doctor in the clinical setting. The majority of patients truly do not know the difference. I have worn a badge with huge RN letters and got asked many times if I was the doctor (probably because I am tall and have RBF). I had no idea how different the breadth of knowledge was until I learned it. Those additional years of sacrifice and thousands of hours matter. I have worked with and am friends with many wonderful NP’s who are proud to be NP’s, and not one of them call themselves doctor. Nurses love to accuse physicians of having egos but this whole title argument is all about ego and not what is most clear to the patient. Just my two cents.

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