Here are the ‘players ” DEBRA DAVENPORT , who retired, she was in charge of audits up until this year when the AZ Board of Nursing has their audit . Did she help them ?

LINDSAY A PERRY , she has FRAUD examiner in her back ground . Will she find the FRAUD by the BON. OR turn a blind eye. (A Perry was on the BON, amongst other connections )

MELANIE CHESNEY she’s been there long enough to know what is really going on, audits or cover ups ? 94-2021 she got a big pension to gamble with .

Geo Graham , head of charter schools , need we say any more , we do know what mission creeps got the law passed and made millions on charters (farnsworth ring a bell Graham ? )

Dale Chapman, graduate of BYU . Need we say more ? You do know that they ONLY TAKE CARE OF ANOTHER ONE !

VICKI HANSON , seems like there is a HUNTER IN THE WOOD PILE? hmm and don’t forget about the creeps Kristi Hunter , who was working at the BON.

A lot seem to be from Mesa, Tempe area , getting ‘friends ” in a state job ? then there are the past Dir of the Auditor Gen office

DOUG NORTON , grad BYU Idaho, IRA OSMAN , it is the IRA that just seems to flow with zion curtain gangs .

Can this office do their job with INTEGRITY , can they do a real AUDIT ? Can they look into and find the FRAUD ? Time will tell . Amazing how these people gather in state agencies to protect another one. Maybe not this time. We’ll see . This is their mandate but like the corrupt BON , do they follow it ? This office is the ONLY over sight , once a decade .

The Arizona Auditor General serves as an independent source of impartial information concerning State and local governmental entities and provides specific recommendations to improve the operations of those entities.  To fulfill its statutory duties, the Office must:

  • Ascertain whether public entities are making wise use of their resources—public money, personnel, property, equipment, and space.
  • Determine whether public entities are complying with applicable laws, regulations, and governmental accounting and financial and reporting standards.
  • Define standards and establish procedures for accounting and budgeting, as the Legislature requires.
  • Provide technical assistance to State and local governmental entities.

The Office has audit responsibility for State agenciescountiesuniversitiescommunity college districts, and school districts. The Office also completes highly specific research and investigative projects in response to legislative requests.

The Joint Legislative Audit Committee, which oversees all audit functions of the Arizona Legislature, provides direction for the Auditor General’s Office. Subject to approval by a majority vote of both legislative houses, the Committee also appoints the Auditor General for a 5-year renewable term.

The Auditor General is assisted in fulfilling office responsibilities by a Deputy and nearly 220 employees organized into 5 operating divisions: Accountability Services,​ Financial AuditFinancial Investigations, Performance Audit, and School Audits. These divisions are supported by a general counsel and administrative, information technology services, and quality control groups.

The Arizona Auditor General is an Equal Employment Opportunity Agency.

Our Mission Statement:

We are independent and provide impartial information, impactful recommendations, and stakeholder education to improve Arizona government for its citizens.

Our Vision:

To make a positive difference by promoting better government.

We Value:

  • Making a positive difference
    We care about making a positive difference and perform high-quality, impactful work that is respected and valued
    by our stakeholders, including Arizona citizens.

  • Independence and integrity
    We fulfill the needs of legislators, other organizations, and the public by providing accurate, relevant, and impartial
    information including factual, unbiased reports and recommendations.

  • Highly skilled professionals
    We attract and retain the best and brightest professionals by investing in their development, providing
    challenging and rewarding opportunities, and offering a supportive and flexible work environment.

  • Exemplary leadership
    We strive to develop our professionals to become leaders.
  • Respectful, collaborative relationships
    We foster respectful, collaborative relationships between our colleagues, which are essential to our success.
  • Innovation and continual improvement
    We are dedicated and committed to the need for innovation and continual improvement, both in the work that we
    do and in the personal and professional development of our employees.

  • Work-life balance
    We work hard at what we do and expect a lot of our professionals, but we recognize the importance of spending
    time with family and friends, and on other interests.



  1. Brother DALE CHAPMAN , Brother JEREMY WEBER , AZ Auditor General office , Both need to be fully investigated .
    Why were two of them assigned to the AZ BON audit ? Lindsay Perry is just asking to be watched . Not the first Perry associated with the corrupt BON .


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