This is a nurses case that Elizabeth A Campbell , needs to get on her knees and beg forgiveness or burn in hell .

Anyone been to a AZBON meeting they know that rude Carolyn McCormies will interrupt , and try to shut up by distraction any nurse who is telling their side of the story , to stop anyone from hearing the real truth. She does this many ways . Cut them off immediately , watches the clock , coughing, throat clearing is done into the mic , no manners at all on her part intentionally distracting the audience , and the nurse who is already nervous and upset just being their , a situation all new, loses their train of thought.

During THIS AZBON meeting, the “state” who Elizabeth Campbell likes to hide behind, when it is her, idea and her deceit alone , brought in THREE so called “witnesses ” . Who were witness to nothing. Not direct witnesses for sure. Just what a ‘nice ” person the alleged victim is . Collectively spoke for over 25- 30 mins together , plus the nurse who accused him . And what did Carolyn “dishonest ” McCormies do ? Absolutely nothing . Let they run their mouths, repeat themselves over and over . Bon members did not see this ? Didn’t want to see it ? Discussed prior with Campbell , let them talk it will help her ‘case” .

Now the hearing was a RUSH JOB and real fast no time to think about it hire an attorney over Christmas, of course the corrupt OAH court caters to their “client ” the AZ BON , and will not give extra time to any nurse . Just side with the “state ” whore of the court , Elizabeth Campbell , who is willing to do what ever low life scum sucking trick to get her way .

Accused of pulling a woman’s necklace and choking her ? Really , what did the cops say ?? NOTHING happened ! NO REPORT ! This was retaliation. The tax payers paying to prosecute a nurse so that these lying threesome can get back at this good nurse , for getting rid of an old boss . The one who sits home thinking of ways to ‘get even” . This is a disaster of a case , from the git go . Easy for lazy Campbell no atty to fight against, get it on the agenda quickly and do the dirty work . The VA in Phoenix needs to be checked out . Gonzales was accused of wrong doing was off work until researched FOUND NOTHING . Came back to work and was to meet with the one who tried to get him fired, it was a SET UP . Drama was the next scene. Campbell thinks this blew over, and he can get a job somewhere else. Flipant bitch is what she is , and so are the board members who bought into this disaster !

Now there are the board members , certainly McCormies knew to let these liars talk and talk and talk , and discussed with Fountain who miraculously became V Pres of the board . Motion by Fountain followed up with another dirty player Boyer , and wha la the vote went around the license revoked. SHAME ON THEM ALL OF THEM. Can this many people on a board believe these liars ? Well, when the board is , APPOINTED by Ducey with recommendation from Jokey Ridenour ! “those who have worked well with us in the past ” . UH HUH or “those who are willing to take a license and go along with the Presidents cues’ ) Angela Fountain is looking more and more dirty all along .

Then there is the hand picked investigator , one of the mission creeps , who will go along with corruption , and do what the final goal is . Kirk Olson. A real live “peeping Tom”, amateur spy , when caught runs with his tail between his legs. Cannot be trusted . Then the ALJ Velva-Moses Thompson , another OAH props that sit there pretending not to be asleep, who has the final opinion rubber stamped before the hearing begins. Between Elizabeth Campbell, Kirk Olson, Velva-Moses , and the lying ‘witnesses ” who admit they did not see anything , but drummed up a conspiracy . Their friend got fired , lost a lot of money and retirement funds . Not hard to figure out what really happened .

One thought on “MANNY GONZALES”

  1. Those dirty lying bitches , schemers is what they are ! Which one decided to really do him in . A false complaint , found nothing, back to work within 30 mins this lying bitch accused of pulling on a necklace ! Only she forgot the red mark should be in the FRONT of the neck ! IF it is in the back , she did it herself. a set up , and file in court immediately, no giving up right to speedy trial with AZ BON ! But they have never done a case this quickly all slimy hands on deck . Carolyn McCormies knew the set up and frame job , and let those liars lie , give them a half an hour , so say their lies ! You can bet Angela Fountain is well aware too ! Manny is a good man and would never do this to another person but add the corrupt creeps to the mix anything is possible !


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