AZ BAR similarities AZ BON

They do have their ‘stinkers” and willing to play favoritism with . GEORGIA STATON. Sucui / yuma knew which lawyer for the medical center to hire. The judges are tipped off which way to go . Now John Phelps is with the BAR, and Phelps seems to be the name as one of the higher on the ladder , names . How does this happen ? By chance ? Phelps and Furlong allowed a case of Georgia’s to be deposed at the BAR. Is this normal procedure ? Not by a long shot.

3 thoughts on “AZ BAR similarities AZ BON”

  1. HOWARD “HAL” MURRAY , a convicted felon . (just like AZ BON has Brent Sutter , another convicted felon working at the board of nursing . Murray is with the AZ BAR .
    Who is trying to get that felony expunged ? Would that be Elizabeth Campbell, boss MARC C HARRIS (at the ag office??? ) And again , like the AZ BON is using psych to destroy people , when none of it applies. ! ALways someone dirty to make a statement to give the ‘boards’ state agencies some fuel for their fires they are starting where nothing existed ! Put “hal ” Murray in charge of the MAP program. Unqualified . But when you have Cindy Olvey (board of psych examiners dir , (FROM THATCHER AZ (so is randy quinn) small town big on mormons . And for deputy Dir she has no less LYNANNE CHAPMAN ( Chapman is big name in the mission creep tribe) . As if the crap doesn’t get much deeper, throw in former aag emma lehner mamaluy who is bff with Sucher a psych who is willing to ‘see things through her eyes” . Part of RAMP, and others who are willing to use extortion type technics , keep license pay up and admit to what ever diagnosis we dream up ! See how it all comes together. Connections . Stay tuned !


  2. The AZ State Bar and Supreme Court. it is all there . Take Ducey’s appointee, James Beene . Larry (false reporter expert) Sucui, job was to run around and ask people comments then ignore all of it. Beene was getting in anyways. So when Beene signed what him and his cohorts dreamed up , it doesn’t matter if the judge was not the one who heard the case , because the board of nursing makes the final decision . (HE LEFT OFF THE PART THAT THEY GENERALLY GO BY WHAT THE Alj opinion was !!! ) IS THIS lying BY OMISSION OR JUST A DIRTY BIASED JUDGE. But he gets promoted to Supreme ct , no way should Sucui have been involved no way . Political hack. It is going to take A LOT to clean up the mess Ducey left , A LOT !! Stay Tuned .


    1. Why is it nursing boards are barbaric ? Look at Cty Atty Adel , think she will be disbarred or on probation ? The AZ BON would jump on the mental health nonsense. This comment is the most honest of reality what is happening . And AZ BON members if you are on the board YOU are a part of the problem !
      The state board of nursing are BULLIES and as many have mentioned on this forum/thread THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND. Their sole purpose is to “protect the public.” Since having a nursing license is a privilege and not a “right” they have the power to make their own rules (nursing practice act) and are able to enforce them as they see fit. The state board of Nursing is the HARSHEST board of all of the licensure boards (e.g. Board of Medicine, Board of Pharmacy). Their punishments/requirements for a nurse who is determined to be “a danger to the public” are worse then a person who is on felony probation. They are the judge and the jury. The board, and their Lawyers, determine how they will bend the nurse practice act so that a nurse can “fit into the category” and then will give them a conditional license. In a sense, they are also the “nursing supreme court as well.” The only way a person can appeal their decision is by writing the governor and having a hearing or, by submitting your case to the Supreme Court of your state. They also make all of your information public if any action has been taken against you License. The State Board of Nursing is the only licensing board that sends out an annual magazine summarizing any nurse who has action taken against their license. Not only do they publish it in a magazine and send it “anywhere they want to” they have 3 different online databases they send it to as well. If the latter is not deformation of character, I don’t know what is. I truly think that us, as nurses, need to take action against the State Boards of Nursing and demand that they are overseen by our legal/justice system. There should be a committee overseeing their activity and a way that we, as nurses, can make a complaint or file a lawsuit against the State Board of Nursing.


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