Mark Brnovich VOTE NO!!!!!!!

What ever this ag who is termed out is going to run for do not vote for him. Let’s look at how he ran his office , made aware of it , and did not try to correct a thing !

ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL aag (aka “Beth” ) She talks the nurses atty into having little meetings . And in those meetings, agree to toss the best evidence ! Real evidence , not the bull shit liars she brought like a trail of piss ants into court . Unrelated BS ! IT was the ALJ who said , when dirty atty KMD , agreed to get rid of exhibit , ‘are you sure that is the COP statement ” Hmm the ALJ Tully , who presided and heard the entire case but did not render an opinion . Because loony lying Campbell was busy running around chasing judges to sign what she typed up , the opinion of the trier of fact . Amazing how Campbell marked every so called ‘witness” of hers credible. She tried Diane Mulhaskey , no go . That does not mean Diane isn’t biased towards the BON, but this was over the top for her . Then she went to her husbands friends Mike Douglas , a bishop mormon , and he signed another judges case . Douglas was never in the court room , saw no witnesses . Just saving his brother Randy Quinn , Sister Carolyn McComies , Sister Leslie Dalton from hospital who reported incident . This is where BRNOVICH BURNS . All under his watch .

As corrupt as this is , there is no law against it, like who in their right mind would even attempt this . ? And who in their right mind would think that they could get away with this ? It does not take the average citizen to know this is corruption . Stay tuned there’s more .

2 thoughts on “Mark Brnovich VOTE NO!!!!!!!”

  1. What would BRNOVICH think of his pussy prosecutor pulling this stunt ?
    An LPN male nurse of 18 years was board ordered psych evaluation. (AN incident he was put in the back of a police car , and let go , NO ARREST , NO CITATION, of course the lying board says a psych eval will give them “more information” , just a stab in the dark , lets CYA, hey lets’ order a psych evaluation, the docs know we want them to WRITE SOMETHING , even if it is “was defensive ” . The Dirty docs know they must write dirt on the nurse or won’t be on the DIRTY DOCS BOARD LIST for long. He did not feel that a psych eval was warranted , so did not do it. He was sent a letter and did not comply . (the Board HAD NO REASON TO ORDER A PSYCH EVALUATION, just like many many other evals they order ). But Lisa Smith, GCU, says it is “evidence” NOVEL IDEA LISA !!! Board have evidence ! So they voted to revoked his license , then the nasty bitch CAROLYN MCCORMIES who lies through her teeth said , “Yes we revoked your license and it makes us sad to do so ” With that the , revoked nurse said “yea you all look really sad ” . Atta Boy , call her on her bull shit . The man walked with a can he got up to leave and Pussy prosecutor CAMPBELL, got out of her chair and walked back wards about 20 feet, as if he was DANGEROUS . He never raised his voice he did not created a disturbance, he only spoke the truth and called MCCORMIES on her lies. He walked out of the building without incident , but Campbell wanted everyone to know she was afraid of him . Certainly during the breaks , she got an atta girl cause you couldn’t shut the bitch up after that , (running the board meeting and instructing board members what to say, and do . ) yea Campbell , your a real actress drama queen . You are scary with that pen of yours and your lying mouth , far more scarier than any nurse, your making fun of that is handicapped . Nurses work very hard and destroy their bodies , I mean those who WORK ! not playing mind games . Not all of us who saw the back room talk agreeing with you , you made a bad decision . You really need to think about your actions !! Very common of this board to play afraid of a nurse very common, geez why would anyone want to do any harm to any of them or why are they flinching when someone walks by , looking over their shoulder .


    1. ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL is a pussy prosecutor. Goes against nurses who cannot afford attorneys to fight like she has the money to back her stupid nothings she tries to make a big ‘wow” about . No area of someones life is safe , this is not an ‘investigation ” but a witch hunt by witches! If a Nurse has parents who will help out pay an atty to fight, Campbell buddies up to that atty to go easy , and will be in their best interest , especially if they go to the BON all the time. Sunita was orientated by Campbell how to ‘screw the nurse ” . It takes a real mindless and cold person to want that job ! But are they just doing ‘their job ” , ??? What professional , thinks it is cool to give death stares and dirty looks . Certainly not a couple of the employees at the BON . one big cess pool


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