Arizona Board of Nursing ‘mistake’ not depositing 348k in general fund

Ok , now how long has this Board of Nursing been doing this ? How long have they known about the laws that state deposit funds within a certain amount of time ? Just not depositing is one thing but over looking the funds for years . And how long has the SAME INCOMPETENT DIRECTOR been in charge of this organization , but blames it on change of staff , and other crazy excuses ! The Auditor hardly touched on many other areas of big concern. But certainly looks like this Dir Jo Ridenour is incompetent , most likely never was competent to run an agency .

So, Ok we got caught so just make up the amount that is missing . No fine, interest, no jail time . Is that how they treat nurses before them who make human mistakes ??? Oh Hell no, probation. Put Jo Ridenour on probation, better yet replace her with someone who can do the job.

Audit : Has not remitted all required revenues to the State General Fund—A.R.S. §§32-1611 and 32-1663.01
require the Board to remit 100 percent of civil and administrative penalties and 10 percent of all other revenues
(except federal monies) to the State General Fund. However, the Board did not properly classify its credit
card revenues in fiscal year 2018, which resulted in the Board remitting less of its nonpenalty revenues
than required to the State General Fund. The Board attributed this error to an outdated cashiering system
and manual accounting processes that have since changed. Further, although the Board made accounting
adjustments in fiscal years 2019 and 2020 to help correct this error and remitted additional monies to the
State General Fund, the Board estimated that it still needed to remit approximately $348,000 in nonpenalty
revenues to the State General Fund as of July 2021.
Additionally, the Board has not remitted 100 percent of both civil and administrative penalties to the State
General Fund, which also impacts this estimate. Specifically, Board staff remitted 100 percent of civil penalties
but reported remitting only 10 percent of administrative penalties prior to November 2019. In November 2019,
Board staff began remitting 100 percent of administrative penalties but only 10 percent of civil penalties.
The Board will need to research how long it has not remitted 100 percent of both penalties to determine the
correct amount owed to the State General Fund and reported that it plans to remit all monies owed once it
determines the correct amount it must remit.

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