AZ Board of Nursing

There once was this Nurse who was accused , arrested , and sentenced . It was all a coercion by a woman and her son. The Nurse lost custody of her child, (dtr age 5 ) her freedom and was being punished for something she did not do . Fast forward. The accuser and his mother moved to NC, she got a job at Lowe’s then a Real Estate license. When the family of the accused nurse could not get involved , but other ‘s could . This is where a person who stands up for what is right, after researched the matter and knew the in’s and outs , got involved . Cost nothing , and only took a small amount of time. Looking at the co workers / agents in this R E company and reading bios, one said , former FBI agent. Ok, he is the one to call. Ring , “just want to give you heads up what happened in AZ , since crooks have a way of repeating their actions. Your new coworker did something in AZ and giving you a heads up . “

He listened, did not ask a question, did not say a word , he knew he had an informant. A web page , similar to AZ STATE BOARD OF NURSING WATCHDOGS was up he could read all the evidence , the statements, the corrupt Cty Atty office , the dirty prosecutor , and con artist atty’s . He said very little , he had the information and knew what was said was all true and possible. NO comment , just listened.

Fast forward , within a year this woman , lost custody of her child (dtr age 5 ), her BF broke up with her . She lost her R E license, was arrested for stalking her boyfriends house and his new GF, the minor son accuser 15 got a girl pregnant 15, they all moved in with the mother accuser . The woman’s boyfriend contacted the Nurses parents wanting to align with them and help him in his fight against her . BF knew what false accuser did in AZ . The older son turned on his mother, sent statements of her and his younger brother making up a story so they could sue the school where target Nurse worked . <they did sue and made money off the deal> . County Atty ignored the older sons statement. It does not have to happen to you to get involved. A tale that is as true as the BON is NOT in existence for any public safety . Wait and watch and eventually the corruption rears its ugly head and karma will get everyone who gets involved in unscrupulous and illegal coercion .

And People think that gossip cannot escalate . And that the dirty board of nursing / and cohort agencies / will not do everything to stop any kind of justice , even with mandates and oaths !

The process :

Thank you for your perseverance and never quitting the fight to overturn , Courtney Bisbee’s wrongful conviction for an alleged crime that never happened. A false allegation (2004); wrongful conviction (Good Friday 2006) under disgraced and disbarred (2012) ex-DA/County Attorney Andrew Thomas and his ex-DCA Lisa Aubuchon (also disbarred); and wrongful imprisonment (11 years silenced under Arizona’s draconian mandatory minimum sentencing) for an alleged crime that never happened. Plus 19 months harsh parole (prison without bars)….”New evidence” proof of Courtney’s innocence was NEVER heard in a state court. Why not? Affidavit by prosecutor’s key witness stated his mother and brother planned to sue the school district. in 2012 Courtney filed her Writ of Habeas in the Arizona federal district court. After years of waiting, an AZ federal magistrate judge issued an Order for an unprecedented two-day hearing in AZ federal district court — in prime season March during the presidential election primary, long voting lines with the harsh spotlight was focused on AZ. The “state” AG filed an emergency appeal to shut the evidentiary hearing down. The magistrate judge denied it. Once again, the state filed another emergency motion to shut the hearing down and went over the judge’s head to the chief judge, and prevailed. The chief judge — the state of Arizona shut down the court-Ordered Evidentiary Hearing for the “new evidence- proof of “actual innocence” Courtney Bisbee’s Writ of Habeas. Why? In 2012, the same chief judge wrote that Courtney had 13 viable claims and she would be allowed to file an appeal in the federal court once she exhausted the state courts. The same judge denied her to file in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. So she filed a Certificate of Appealability to the 9th Cir Court but during the US Supreme Court Kavanagh hearing a surprise introduction was made by Senator Grassley, of a 26 year female top prosecutor from the AZ Maricopa County Attorney office. Earlier, Sen. Grassley told the public, he was going to select a “female legal assistant” to interview Christine Blasey-Ford and Kavanaugh. He lied. The public was misled. She was NOT a “female legal assistant”, denigrating her position) as a seasoned prosecutor. This was NOT a trial but a job interview. A top prosecutor was not needed. Why was a Maricopa County Attorney prosecutor used? People ask why was Courtney’s certificate of appeal to the 9th Cir Court suspiciously was “denied” on this day, where her Writ of Habeas sat for years. Kavanaugh had close ties to the 9th Cir Court and the journalists were digging deep. Next, Courtney filed in the U.S. Supreme Court on the unconstitutional issues of her wrongful conviction case. Arizona, is a state where changing a babies diaper can result in a class 2 felony with a person still in prison on that charge. … To understand this 17 year old case, all one has to ask is who all benefited financially and politically from the wrongful conviction of Courtney Bisbee. Which lawyers/prosecutors moved up to governor-appointed judge positions? Non-custodial parents on both sides where child support and child custody are major life issues? Where we have fought — study her case/cases in the Family court. Criminal court. Civil court. Probate court. State federal district court. US Supreme Court. If you think this can’t happen to you, think again. Study the National Registry of Exonerations where over 48% of exonerations / wrongful convictions were caused by official misconduct. Over 2,700 exonerees active data show this is systemic injustice.

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