Elizabeth Campbell aag new watchdog or cohort ?

A long comes Monique K Coady aag , who is formerly with the AG office and the City of Phoenix . open meeting expert is how she was introduced. Time always exposes the truth. Seems to be a Jane of all legal subjects, natural resources, enviromental, water , what ever she does the board does need a full time watchdog. Even though , Carolyn McCormies likes to make statements , like everyone is dumb enough to believe it cause she said it . Like “open meetings laws, I think we are doing a pretty good job of it already “. Not what the auditor said though right , liar president !

So Coady said they cannot give a LOC to a nurse, Sangio (atty ) says ‘help me understand why?” Agenda listing. Then ‘we’ll talk about it off line ” . WTH , isn’t this a violation open meeting law? Was this on the agenda ? Why can’t everyone hear so they know . Was exe session called for legal advise. ?

Ok so on to a case . When you hear Mayo nurse you just know what ever Mayo wants they will not go harsh if they have not been fired. (yes we know all about the RN who had a DUI and got Nothing ! ) . INCONSISTENT !

Now this is about a NP who accessed a chart she was not involved in that patient’s care . Mayo policy you must have the patient sign before you access their records it is ok . Now after the fact , the accused got the signature. Is this ok ? well Elizabeth Campbell did not want to take this to court, she did not want to prosecute a Mayo nurse, and made up a rediculous BS , saying this was about 2 NP who were friends then they weren’t . OK so how many Domestic Violence cases where the two were man and wife and then they weren’t come before the BON , in retaliation, and the victim of DV gets beaten up by the BON. ? The BON does not recognize retaliation they just ignore all when brought up . Now this was clearly a violation of not following institutions policy. So can everyone get a document signed RETROACTIVE to CYA ? Can the surgeons get a consent signed AFTER a procedure or surgery . One board member , brought up chart can be accessed for treatment purposes , only. Leaning to DOC . Quickly shut down with Elizabeth Campbell’s , ‘state proposes LOC”

Very obvious scared of going to court when an atty is involved, and all the work it would take for preparing for court . So Elizabeth Campbell said “the state supports a LOC” , “it would be difficult to establish violation state supports LOC” “mayo policy written permission , state proposes LOC” “at hearing would be hard preponderance of evidence , and hard to prove ” (as if Campbell hasn’t done this before “. She did everything but tell them , she wanted a LOC, repeating over and over ! She did not want to have another case ,that was not her usual easy win . Nurse w/o attorney , never been to court before , and Campbell the dirty pettifogger she is , will pull every dirty trick in the book. This case the nurse had an attorney . Wonder if the ones voted ‘no’ think they are ‘safe haven ‘ from being accused of being INCONSISTENT ! Think again . It is McCormies running the meeting , allowing nurses 5 mins (which INCLUDES the atty , so 5 MINS together ) but allows the other side ie “BETH ” Campbell to run her mouth REPEAT herself REPEAT herself REPEAT herself over and over and fuking over until she gets her way . Nothing like a huge hint LOC LOC LOC . They just motion , cave , and vote . INCONSISTENCY of cases ! SO why would Coady just watch this biased, unfair case , if McCormies can’t shut up Elizabeth Campbell , who is NOT giving legal advise but looking out for her own work load to be easy , sit at the BON office and chat with the girls , pretending to be doing what she is getting paid for.

4 thoughts on “Elizabeth Campbell aag new watchdog or cohort ?”

  1. Healthcare is a money making business in the US. Hospitals + nursing homes don’t care about nurse/patient ratios + state board of nursing doesn’t mandate/regulate it. It’s all about $ for company owners. NP-PHD
    Interesting comment . The nursing board and all of it’s “puppets’ will make a statement over and over , about protecting the public. Yet do not have any action to have mandatory staffing laws . They have no prevention in place at all . But are ready to attack when someone who is over whelmed is working a vary busy shift . Because the staff at the BON is not protecting the public , but protecting their own state job ? Look at the ‘ratios ” at the BON investigators . Some board meetings which are every other month, That means in SIXTY DAYS an investigator has NO cases at the meeting . ? The orientation takes 18 months ! Some nurses get one day . Are they hiring stupid robots or those willing to go along with dirty work and turn a blind eye ? Some investigators have 1 to 2 cases , which seems to take months to make a case . Lots of breaks , full lunch break , who goes off to a restaurant for lunch and has the time in nursing while on the clock . The BON members who’s working bedside that have a clue the demands of the job , but judge others ? They do not care about the public and nursing safety they just sit on their butts , not tearing up their bodies and read a paper that some investigator rigged up a false statement , which went from a nothing incident to a killer nurse . All fiction, and when it goes to court they have to re write the investigative report . Which shows you they knew it was lies . Case after case the nurses call out these ‘investigators “, about the inaccurate statements, all trying to make them look bad.


  2. Beth Campbell took a case she knew there was nothing to it. If the corrupt AZ BON doesn’t have enough dirt dug she doesn’t care , cause she knows the Bd always wins . The ALJ ‘s are dirty judges. Cindy George who is at the BD , education department; friend applied at a nursing school this defendants husband ran . She didn’t get the job , so they decided to find something wrong , and have another AZ BON retaliation case. This Nurse teacher working for the school, and did nothing wrong , therefore gets her name hidden. She was teaching students and was turned into the BON for letting students read text books in the break room. Huh, yes it is horse shit, we smelled that as well . So The BON who will go along with any retaliation , and protect one of their own, gave her a LOC . Most people will sign to get away from them and not deal with their very strange punitive ways. Victim nurse, refused to sign the lies, and took them to court. Used her right to do so . “I did nothing wrong I was not going to sign that “. (she is more honest than the corrupt AZBON ). The OAH court is one hot mess, the ALJ’s are dishonest state judges (Campbell’s married to one they are biased for the state ). So with that information, where did Bethy get the info the wrongly accused nurse wanted to be paid in cash so she didn’t lose her state insurance. Does this ‘couple’ attorney’s sit around and discuss their cases and do a search ? Bethy and ALJ husband Chad / Clinton/ Andrew or what ever he goes by now , have 3 kids but looks like they prefer to discuss how they screw the public over and share plan of attacks . They think nothing of throwing around private protected information . Bethy asked this victim nurse in court “did you get paid in cash so you can stay on access? (the state’s insurance ) . This had NOTHING to do with anything, this is why Bethy stays in the sham court system of OAH, she gets away with her , out of control , mannerisms , and strange line of questioning . She is one big OBJECTIONAL weird one ! It is only meant to embarrass , for taking this to court and making her do more work. Taxpayers picked up the tab and are totally unaware of the kangaroo court ways . Cheap shot cheap attorney . Scum bottom feeder . Well, for the first time ever an ALJ, did not just side with the state, she listened to the victim nurse, and made a non biased judgement call . The ALJ (Abrahamson who was new ) assigned to the case, agreed with victim nurse and recommended that a dismiss be entered. Fast Forward BON meeting Campbell who usually talks real loud and runs her mouth tattletale style of a little bitch, whispered , yes WHISPERED , ‘the state , recommends follow the ALJ ‘s recommendation to dismiss. Bethy LOST . BD gave LOC and ended up DISMISS . This is one case , a single case , that an ALJ sided with the nurse . RARE . So rare try to find another one !


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