Assistant Attorney General Arizona Elizabeth A Campbell

This woman Prosecutes nurses and makes money off taxpayers to do so . Only there is no reason for the prosecution . Nurses that have done nothing wrong , reported unsafe conditions, nurses / NP who have refused to sign the crazy ‘consent agreements ” that even dictate you cannot appeal or question the decision , even if some things are not known .
Campbell prosecuted pharmacists , and is now prosecuting nurses . Much easier for Campbell , pharmacists make more money and are always represented by an attorney . But with nurses she can take advantage of them most likely not affording an attorney for the hearing . Since the nurse has been put out of work for considerable time to force them to sign for financial reasons , a pack of lies , starve them out .

Campbell also has it pretty easy , if the nurse wants to exercise there due process rights and go to court.

She has some unethical tacky , underhanded , comments by herself and her line up of lying witness, in an attempt to bash , smear the nurse.

The court room is like a “free for all”. At first appearance you do get the idea that her and the ALJ have done their ‘dirty work before, like partners in crime . Campbell knows how the ALJ has ruled in past cases , a rigged system. All she has to do is sit there like a high paid tattle tale and bring up a string of weird unrelated nonsense, whether true or not . Campbell seems to think it is ok to bring in others who lie , she knows they are lying but doesn’t care.

So many things that Campbell does makes wonder wonder how the hell she passed any kind of Bar exam . She could never get away with her antics in a real court room.

The way the court hearings are conducted Campbell brings in her board of nursing friends who are allowed <as testifying witnesses > to sit in the entire trial. Never in any other court is this allowed. Campbell obviously instructs them to look at her and she ‘mouths ‘ the answer to them . Signals going back and forth. Eyes rolling when nurse is talking . Disrespectful . Campbell is very comfortable in the court room , just go have lunch with the girls at the board, then take the elevator down to the basement one floor below . Very few court rules to follow , and the ALJ are biased towards the Bd of Nursing. Campbell puts in she had surgery and was not “healing that well” so asked for an extention , but if a nurse asks for more time doing a case pro per, it is denied.

5 thoughts on “Assistant Attorney General Arizona Elizabeth A Campbell”

  1. Looks like her days are numbered . Many mistakes . That weren’t mistakes . No one is going to lose an election to their next position by standing by an inept employee such as this one. Down right corrupt.


  2. Wow Someone is doing something ! About time. She has pulled some real dirty tricks . She can put the cons to shame ! Deliberately she sent notice of board meeting to someone else . Who did she plot with at the BON . Find a CNA or RN who will not call the board and say hey you sent me someone elses legal paper work ! So she purposely sent to a drug addict . Then using security guards to intimidate or give the appearance of the nurse being dangerous or how ‘scared ‘ she is . Poor acting , Bethy, time to put on your big girl pants , cover up that ‘rug” and act like a big girl. Oh and how she moved her chair 20 feet back from a nurse because he walked with a cane ! Shame on you . Make fun of the handicapped. Oh there’s more to her underhanded tactics . Mark Brnovich , is just plain lazy to allow the office to run on cruise control , no one controlling an out of control , lose cannon such as Elizabeth A Campbell aag .


    1. Mamaluy has her own set of problems for sure . They both think they can do what ever they want . And the board members are dumb enough to vote for what ever they put in front of them , without the real details. Trusting the lawyers. The Board members have more responsibility in this than they think . Saying “well she is our legal expert” and “she advises us” . But, YOUR suppose to read and understand , not just hide behind voting as a group .


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