Posting for a nurse who worked with this nurse in Needles. A registry sending nurses for day by day work , went to Needles Hospital it was some time ago but has not forgot Ms ALFORD . The nurse was working , got dumped on with the most patients, no breaks . She found a tourniquet on the arm of an elderly lady that was on since 5am, ! the mark on the arm was deep , hidden under the gown. She told staff who did not like any bad info on one of their own. IT was past 3pm and no break no lunch break had not left the floor, when all of a sudden , JOAN ALFORD approached , and said ‘someone smelled alcohol on you”. Really , who? Oh no , no information given just a rail road job . Then when this nurse called her agency , Joan Alford was bent over by the door knob listening !! No kidding. This nurse dumped out her entire bag, had drug test urine and blood and it was all NEGATIVE . Dirty Joan was taking a chance that there would be something she could report. Joan should have lost her license a dirty nurse , a lying bitch, and being abusive . The nurse never went back . now Joan is in Kingman, do not trust this slime ball . Any nurse that would pull a stunt like that !! Surprised she did not put drugs in the urine !! Always tell others when someone does something nasty like this so they can wear the reputation they hold !

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