As if Austin could not dig deeper in the trenches and over 2000 miles to reach out to a real dirt bag to ‘hook up ” with and partner in her quest for finding dirt on a good nurse. Austin who it appears you really got to think when you read her ‘report” now what REALLY happened. First she blames Cindy Bushey for the “lead ” the name . Funny she did not bring her into the court ? Hmmm actually thinking it was PAUL FRANCIS BUSHEY who gave the name . After I left he started cyber stalking.   And he was the one who wrote a “poor little oh me , feel sorry for me ,I am a victim out here in AZ ” exact words IS THERE ANY HELP FOR ME ?   And he called himself LAMPSHADE. Well he is pretty shady, but LAMPSHADE means, I am the life of the party , I am a party person. Although he SAID he was “looking at the lampshade ” uh huh. As an alcoholic he lies a lot , can fling one off faster then he can pop a beer.

So Austin , gets this lead , of a Carl.  she calls Fla. the wrong number , uh huh, and gets Frances .  So here she is calling a wrong number but gets this woman to give ‘dirt ‘ on her daughter ?   (anyone buying this BS yet ? )   Yes every mother loves to give the agency dirt on their kids to try to destroy their career, right.

Then the board members who supposedly read this entire ‘report” did not raise any suspicions ?   Well , since the AZBON , and the Dir think this is “ok” , do not get upset when your relatives , whoever is contacted.

Now Carl was not at this number he used his mothers phone number , and used his mother for A LOT of things.  Austin , jumping the gun and the horrible mess of ‘investigator” did not check out anything or anyone .  (and neither did her side cohort Campbell) . The article this comment came from was about Carl beating up a woman who he had stolen her bank acct, sold two of her houses, bought a new truck with her credit card , a zero turn lawnmower.   The woman discovered  he was stealing her money , he got a POA over her , and sold everything she worked for all her life (she was a nurse from NY so you know how hard she worked).  Her husband died , and she was vulnerable , he said he would ‘take care of her.”  Locked her in her first house , took all of her clothes, put screws on the windows so they wouldn’t open, and broke the air conditioner.  (I thinking Randy Quinn loves to here how this man took charge , he SIDED WITH HIM over a good nurse!)  And Harrell, must be thinking “what did she do to HIM”  alfa male .  Yes the board took pity on poor Carl and Bushey. And said hey this good nurse needs to have her head examined .

Well , Carl beat this woman up (her name was Elaine ), a woman who saw this called the fire dept who had to break down the door , this woman severely injured.  She went to the hospital , and to a nursing home never to return home . The home Carl sold and kept the money.  The mint condition care that the Grandfather wanted for his grandson, Carl sold it, the house in NY that was for the Grandkids to live in while they went to college, sold for a song. The new Lincoln that she drove Carl was racing up and down the highways with.  (your kind of man right Berringer ) . I wished I had not told my atty about his past, who told E Campbell, so she got off , that area.  yea bring him in , and let’s talk about credibility !

Now Carl has never paid child support, his  wife snuck out in the middle of the night and escaped.  He had used ‘cow pokes ” on them when he babysat, cause like Bushey was not one to work . Love this man right LORI G ! . You felt the need to put a hard working nurse out of work over these con artists.

Carl was so abusive to his mother  , (and no one would help and go against the ‘golden boy” who never grew up) not Audrey not Gloria ,  they were not going to get eliminated from the trust by going against him. Carl the gatekeeper , got his mother to buy him a house with 2 acres she was afraid , and he kept everyone that way.

Visits to your mother include , sociopaths calling false police reports, stealing your money out of your rental car, spending the day at the police station .  Eventually my mother paid the price so stayed away. elder abuse was as worthless as the AZBON, as an agency , the police , when told how dangerous he was and capable of killing her saying “wouldn’t that be the icing on the cake “.

Carl bought a police look alike car, reports of woman being pulled over , by weird acting cops. I went to police station, the only detective who “got it ” . Swung around in his car, “I KNOW HIM” . He had pulled him over , ‘he has more equipment in that car than I have in my cruiser.”  He knew he was video taping woman , Carl pulled over (OWE don’t you love this man who can have power over woman Preston?) . He would make them do sobriety tests etc , flash him to ‘get off”.  An make video tapes. This DET said get me one video and I can put him away for 5-10 years. YES ! At my mothers age to get rid of this creep, and let my mother move into the assisted living she wanted to, (but none of her greedy kids wanted her spending their money ) . None of them interested in elder abuse by Carl.  They did not care, instead became partners (like AUSTIN and CAMPBELL) .    Telling Lett about this dirty SOB , how he beat up every wife, girlfriend , driving police car, “He is extremely dangerous.”   I knew that .  But seems to be his reason for opinion that I am in need of counseling because of him ?  his actions ? who needs counseling?

Well the new arrest , of many visits to jail, starting age 16 a lifetime crook and always got off .  He would make trustee he could con anyone.  When I found his judgements for unpaid child support , I attached them to the property and his ex wife will get the money , (they refused to enforce it now , when his children suffered all there life and needed the money now for college ) .  He is the only one known by lawyers in the state of Fla to keep a Drivers license while over 22 felonies in wisc for unpaid child support pending. (IS this the male creep that Austin would take in ).

The woman who was dating Carl who was going to testify, he pulled her over , and cut off her long hair to the scalp , and threatened her , she refused to testify.   The DA is as crooked as they come took a bribe paid for by my mother . (What parent walks into the court room, has a reserved seat and the DA walks to the back and holds his arm to escort her to the reserved seat , with a grin that only money would entice. )

And you guessed it , he got off on the beating of a woman, extorting all of her money sold everything she owned , put her in a nursing home for life .  Her grandson’s letter to the Judge is a heart breaker .

Surely the sick minds on the AZBON must be so proud , and to have this nasty sociopath name in my nursing record is just beyond discusting .   Do not tell me the AZBON is for public safety .   I could not keep the abuse from happening and save my career , my ability to support a single self supporting woman, and work and worry about this situation in Fla , which was going on while Lett thinks that someone being emotional over this is just plain wrong.   When you look at MI, and Fla , AZ is about as far away from them as you can get .


3 thoughts on “NIKKI RAE AUSTIN and CARL”

  1. NIKKI AUSTIN can hide easier . Her actions are of such sociopathic nature , that this article really hits the nail on the head . Pathetic POS . In the short time she was at the AZ BON, she created many good nurses to lose everything. Surely she is still gloating, but has moved on to Idaho, and very possibly looking for her next victim. This is so right on, description and opinion than many have of her. Sad that decent people have to live on the same planet as these types. Sad the damage , hurt and pain they cause their victims .
    Think she’s happy . ? Experts disagree. This could describe her cohort as well EMMA MAMALUY .
    No they are not happy. Think about it, how could you ever be happy never experiencing love, never bonding with anyone, always wearing a mask, keeping up with all the lies, depending on others to validate you, always being bored, not having the ability to be alone, constantly being afraid of being discovered, looking over your shoulder knowing how many people hate you, afraid of abandonment yet never being satisfied with anyone, including yourself? There is an old saying, “Only love brings true happiness”. Oh they get temporary satisfaction from using people, their money, their status, their looks, sex, etc. But that is temporary and comes from a deep seated jealousy and hatred towards others and themselves. They are severely mentally ill, to the point they believe their own act. But when the lights go off, the curtain closes and no one applauds what’s left? However, that’s no excuse to hurt others, abuse people, destroy lives and families, steal, cheat, and use others only for what they can gain. It’s no excuse to purposely break people’s hopes, dreams, happiness, self esteem and hearts. It’s no excuse to say, “I’m not happy so I’m going to destroy as many people as I can and enjoy it”. It’s no excuse to play on other people’s empathy and love, just because they are miserable.


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