Nursing board complaints Arizona

Encourage anyone that has been contacted by the AZ Board of Nursing about a complaint on their license to contact this site.

NO we do not work FOR the AZ BON , NO not associated with the AZ BON. A watchdog group that has had major issues with the process and operation of the AZ BON , it’s staff and Director.

Confidential. The ones not to trust are the investigators and the BD .

You may have found this searching for an attorney to represent you . We can advise on that too.

We can tell you what we have observed and know as victims of the AZ BON agency . Many nurses will spend countless hours researching , or in disbelief the dirty schemes they will do and dream up .

First and foremost do NOT have any discussion with them on the phone or by email and try to ‘explain your situation ” . They know this is retaliation , but do not care . They will take anything you say , and twist it to make you out to be a liar, crazy , unstable, dangerous , and of course unprofessional .

P S IF anyone from the AZ BON/ or one of their minions contacts this site pretending to be a nurse with a complaint to see what we tell people you will be outed !

There is nothing short of what the out of control board won’t do !!! NOTHING! Not at all what anyone would think of an investigation .

One thought on “Nursing board complaints Arizona”

  1. A letter of one who fought and throwing in the towel. But enjoying his retirement. That is the perfect revenge for those who are the guilty ones who went after certain medical professionals . We know who you are each and every name . You cannot hide behind a board decision. Hide as part of a agency. We know each and everyone of you . Because others were involved , you think your part is a blur , think again . Each one had a part , no one blew the whistle or refused to be a part of it. Anyone who is causing this kind of damage to another needs to take a good look at the life span of another human the unnecessary , pain and torture . Having the money stealing from the tax payers to pay for a terminal fight against a lonely individual . Knowing they have spent their life saving , and will eventually run out of money. The state auditor will turn a blind eye to the thousands the boards spend to “win” . Shameful . This medical professional is a hero and certainly not a loser, so glad that he is enjoying his well earned retirement . The Board did not have to do what they did , never could anyone who does this to another human being have a happy retirement , unless they are severely mentally impaired.
    Letter from a HERO , thanks for the good fight .:
    “” I am now 70 years old, and I “retired” 5 years ago. My battles with the BON , the courts, the Courts, etc. have occupied me for over 27 years of my 35 year medical career. It has cost me easily over $100,000 of my own legal costs. It has cost me mental health concerns as well as physical concerns. I have experienced egregious behavior and outright lies from attorneys (both sides), judges, administrators, board members, district attorneys, etc. the list goes on. We are currently living in a time where authority figures are now being exposed more and more for their abuse of power and their extreme bias and disregard for the law. I empathize greatly for those caught in this regulatory web of deceit and malfeasance. I feel badly for the survivors who have been ground up by these same miscreants.

    I accept that every bureaucracy requires hypocrisy to thrive. I get it. It is wrong, unethical, evil, bad, and whatever other superlatives one might add. Many of us have paid a great price that we should never have had to pay. I respect and honor those that are still in the battle, and I wish them all well. I do not know how to beat a corrupt system that has existed for so long. But I will always be hopeful!

    I am greatly enjoying retirement, and I do not miss the fight. I seem to have found some peace, yet I will always feel the great destruction that these entities have perpetrated upon those of us they selected to focus on. I have no wisdom or advice for others, and I wish peace for all of you. Live well, don’t let the bastards get you! “


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