Nursing board complaints Arizona

Encourage anyone that has been contacted by the AZ Board of Nursing about a complaint on their license to contact this site.

NO we do not work FOR the AZ BON , NO not associated with the AZ BON. A watchdog group that has had major issues with the process and operation of the AZ BON , it’s staff and Director.

Confidential. The ones not to trust are the investigators and the BD .

You may have found this searching for an attorney to represent you . We can advise on that too.

We can tell you what we have observed and know as victims of the AZ BON agency . Many nurses will spend countless hours researching , or in disbelief the dirty schemes they will do and dream up .

First and foremost do NOT have any discussion with them on the phone or by email and try to ‘explain your situation ” . They know this is retaliation , but do not care . They will take anything you say , and twist it to make you out to be a liar, crazy , unstable, dangerous , and of course unprofessional .

P S IF anyone from the AZ BON/ or one of their minions contacts this site pretending to be a nurse with a complaint to see what we tell people you will be outed !

There is nothing short of what the out of control board won’t do !!! NOTHING! Not at all what anyone would think of an investigation .

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Observations and opinions

Rebel , that is going to bring down the corruption of the AZ board of nursing and the Office of admin law "Sham " court

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