Dirty Docs willing to sell their souls

How boards use psychology to place a stigma on a nurse , np, Dr.

There is a definite pattern . In Arizona the lawmakers passed a bill , surely thinking this would save the state money . But instead it has cost the nurse dearly . <the azna backed this new statue > Shameful but they will be the first to say , let’s work together . Right .

The AZ BON has a ‘list ‘ of docs for dollars. They either write what the board wants or they are off they list. Psych evaluations are ordered in AZ a lot. In other states a court order is needed . It is like a CYA for the BON , and the nurse pays for all of it . IF you refuse your license will be revoked . IF you do their psych evaluation , you should be able to choose a Dr that you pick , not the Nursing Board agency. The dirty board will give you a paper with the most wicked , out for money , shameful psychologists in the state. Most attorneys in the state know the dirty docs, but you have a choice do it or no license. Most nurses who are caregivers , dedicated hard workers never think for a moment a counselor would do the most evil with their pen .

The pattern is the same , the psych experiment himself Philip Lett , asks ‘why do you think your here?” No matter how you answer it is wrong. Cindy Rollins from Prescott ,tells you everything is completely normal and sending the board a good review , and your ‘good” . Then does the opposite. It does no good to repeat the evaluation they are all crooks that remain on the list. Malpractice whores , who do not operate under their license, so they have nothing to lose by being corrupt and doing harm . No matter what you say, you are ‘defensive ” . You have to be as big a liar and narcissistic as they are .

It happens to Drs as well. The pattern is the same , but the medical / nursing workers come in one at a time and get screwed over royally , careers destroyed , no income, reputation , and isolation . While the ‘tricksters ” have a good laugh and smirk know they pulled it off again. Here is how it went with another victim of the psychological scam world. By so called ‘experts’ who are only ‘expert con artists ‘ who put the $ before good patient care .

Going to a PHP anywhere is like playing with a stacked deck. They only get the info they are provided by the agency that sent you, and a review of public records. My experience, you have no way to counter any misinformation. Lawyers are not a help. The outcome is predetermined and punitive. The process is costly. You are presumed guilty and incompetent and all evaluations are biased against you. The resulting report typically requires one if not all of the following: required counseling, a re-education program for whatever you practice (like a week long board review course or repeat residency), a record keeping course, and post course monitoring of all records, and a supervising MD. They may advise you to relinquish your license, but typically they don’t want to do that, they just want to exert as much pain as they can to encourage you to give it up. All at your own expense. Again, this is from my experience and knowledge base, and I hope that I am wrong in your case. Prepare for the worst outcome. This will follow you for the rest of your career. Make peace and accept it, or look for a different career path. It is survivable, but it can be a major hit to your self image and sense of values as well as devastating to your pocketbook. I have researched most of the programs in the US. I have no reason to believe that Idaho PHP is any different, though I have no personal knowledge of that one. They are not there to help you!

How many of the ‘board attys’ tell their clients up front it’s rigged . Like taking the BON ordered skills evaluation , not one person passed and they know that but order it anyways. BTW Sucher- Scottsdale in AZ is part of PHP and BFF with the BD atty Emma Mamaluy . It raises questions who learned this pattern of deceit from whom.

4 thoughts on “Dirty Docs willing to sell their souls”

  1. I need help. I need all of you that are going through what I’m about to to please help me fight this. It needs to end. This abuse by azbn is wrong and if we all ban together we might have a chance. Email me if you want to help put an end to this injustice. AZBNCORRUPTIONENDSNOW@GMAIL.COM and please spread the word to only people like us who understand.


  2. This is all true. The required psychiatric evaluations are joke. They are ridiculously expensive and provide no credible information. Why should they get to pick the people doing the evaluations? I asked them if I could pick someone off the list that had the same qualifications to the ones they had chosen and of course they said no.


  3. STOP HAVING THESE EVALUATIONS ! They only add more ‘evidence ‘ aka LIES by dirty docs , to your file. DIRTY DOCS FOR DIAGNOSIS . When the DIRTY DOC does not write anything bad enough , they keep calling them . Because you signed they could . STOP signing these forms !


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