Running a corrupt agency that has no over sight. Abuse of discretion, unable to control wrong doings, unable to move cases and is jeopardizing the public safety . Using her position to take care of friends. SHAMEFUL , public distrust is at an all time high. NURSES who are victims of this horrible director have known all along .

Give this wicked woman the BOOT !! !

Let’s GO , GET RID OF JO !!


  1. The problem is much bigger than just her. It’s all of them. They all are corrupt. Andrea is the worst of them. Pure evil. Not sure what she did to end up in charge of ATD but she’s mad and gets off on our tears.


    1. Yes it is all of them. When they work there a short time , they catch on the game playing is not for them .
      It’s like working in corrections , and the guards telling the inmates they fked wife last nite , trash their bed and tell them pick it up, spit in their food , call them pussy’s if they are in pain . And the nurse sits there see’s it all but doesn’t act. Doesn’t say a word . But stops working their . (All the above happens all the time, bullying because they ‘can’ . ) sick minded . Andrea has a lot to learn but what she knows she got from the real mean girl Janeen who likes to be called DR DAhn , did she go to medical school , oh heck no but they use the title to elevate themselves . What is does is make fools of all of them. The BON used to cite nurses for this . Now it’s just nuts calling them DR. Hope you get stronger , you are already much better then they are in so many ways !


    1. Pretty much , get paid and certainly not rushed , they takes years to do a case . But then the Corrupt Board of nursing has to dig so much deeper than any other board . Searching for that stain on your underwear.

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