Brnovich’s bimbo who was told many months ago at the Board of Nursing meeting , “your aag is confused “. Yes she is , and this was verified by a Superior Court Judge recently. Discussion about her interpretation of the law , which is a few bricks short of a full load. Campbell is an officer of the court but her oath means nothing. She will ‘try’ anything. Violated a nurses Due Process rights , and she knows or should know this is a deliberate act. Nurses run out of money, they end up not being represented , and Campbell tries any kind of games she can muster up . Dirty Games, nothing legal . How many others has this out of control loose canyon done this with ? Nurses are not trained in legal, and it appears that Campbell wasn’t either. Campbell who goes by “BETH” , at times, has pulled some real stunts in the past , and now got her tit in the wringer . Lost for the board of nursing . The gullible dirty board relies on this pettifogger for any type of legal advise to protect them legally . Campbell can’t be trusted . A huge embarrassment for the s Atty Gen office and the state of Arizona . It won’t be the last time she gets caught , no one should trust her . The cases at OAH are rigged with ALJ’s who are nothing but props , not a lot of rules to follow. Nurses in a lot of cases do not show up , they know the corruption they rigged to get them to that point. IF they have an atty , Campbell does some back room antics that gets them on her side too . Nurse pays for a lawyer while they are helping the state. Get out of OAH, to get any due process in a case at all . The judges in Superior court are not 100% for the state agency. Hope you get an honest one. At least this one knows how to interpret the law, and called Campbell on her incompetence , and said that she just wanted to haul a nurse in and strip him of his career without any time to prepare.

5 thoughts on “ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL Foolish”

  1. Lying Lawyer in action . She doesn’t get her way like she does at the corrupt board of nursing . Or like she does at OAH. Imagine “BETH” working in an office and getting paid on performance ! She’d go broke ! If not arrested !


  2. Elizabeth Campbell comes off as being indifferent and not reading the cases because she knows the BON and the ALJ will go along with her. my experience with her she was sarcastic and heartless. After not being able to find a nursing job in over 7 years due to my probation status she said replied ” Well nobody is guaranteed a job. “


    1. The fact that Campbell knows your case was retaliation and had nothing to do with nursing, but was to knock off highest paid on the job . (working 34 yrs in one hospital YRMC, is telling in itself. ) The person who should not have a job is Elizabeth Campbell. She is just doing the ear minimum to collect a paycheck and get a retirement . She could not find a honest job, see how she likes it ! Even in her own law firm , she would fail , word is out how stupid , slimy, sinful she is . Prosecuting a good nurse , knowing it is all bull crap, is illegal . Prison time for Campbell !


  3. Hey guys when you meet the tall drink of water , who pretends she is ‘afraid ‘ of a shorter man with a cane , ask her why her nick name is RUG !! ROFLOL ! She knows but will lie , just comes natural to her lying , no one can even trust this “RUG ” , NO ONE ! BTW , we learned how to put things out there unrelated, and bizarre, just to bring it up, just like SHE DOES ! (A dose of your own medicine ) .


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