Anyone who’s experienced the control and manipulation through condition based fear programming from Mormon leadership, principles and teachings, or any other cult where mass manipulation resides, knows without a doubt the following is absolutely true.

So glad that this site is here . You know something is not right but you keep searching for answers , like whoa , a state agency acting like this , treating nurses like criminals . Sending every legal paper packed with lies , by certified mail . You just want to get rid of them . Then I figured it out , the make up of the Board, the ones who work there . Members of a cult, that are taught certain things, so they think their behaviors are normal. So ABnormal ! Thanks for saying what we were thinking. Someone has got to do something about these warped minds . Don’t count of Ducey, and Joe Ridenour is not performing in her duties up to the level of a director. She needs to go, and hopefully soon. She may be asked to leave , most of them have to be nudged out , cause after her power trip at the BON , she won’t find staying home ironing as exciting . To a mentally disturbed person , exciting is causing turmoil, and keeping things stirred up, and getting someone to do everything you are suppose to be doing. Then blame it on them .


  1. Got to get rid of crooked JOKEY RIDENOUR . AZ BOARD OF NURSING . A DIRTY DIRECTOR . Time to stop her travesty of justice. Time to stop her . ! Hopefully nurses will figure out the truth what this organization has come to. ! And better if the public finds out . No one would get a license in Arizona if they knew how they operate and can ruin your life. Without doing anything wrong no violations . Sad for AZ nurses who get caught in the destruction of due process. So many do not have a clue what is really going on. Wake up nurses !


    1. For awhile I thought I was a little over the top crazy thinking that the BON is corrupt. Interesting because every since I ve been doing covid and started Traveling RN I believe the BON actually harms the public as opposed to protecting it.

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      1. Yes absolutely . The AZ BON does a lot of harm to otherwise good nurses . Certainly has caused many nurses to develop PTSD, be traumatized on a wrongful accusation , and loss of any faith in a “justice” system. Above all opened many eyes to exactly how corrupt and to what length these mormon’s will go to . And finding out the treatment these little ‘hitler’s ” on the BON and agency treat their own . When it comes to money they want to keep them working , so the bishop gets his , but daily treatment if they are different is cruel .
        Some states had common sense , bring back those will dings on their license but not AZ . They do more harm than any good . Just one of the many areas that they are different .


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