Using education to say and do what ever they want . True or not . Twins in crime , white color . Damaging .

Any nurses that are being framed by the AZ Board of Nursing , and railroaded into getting a psychological evaluations . One of the corrupt AZ BON favorite things to order on everyone , false allegations or not . IT is by their own psych, on their own ‘list” . Which turns out to be a real shit list of dirty docs. You get on the top of the list like LETT, by being the most shady character in the state. How does he get away with it. Bob Bohanske is head of psychology board. He knows like Jokey Ridenour knows she is there to make sure the order , take the license , silence this nurse who is bringing up safety issues . Dirty Directors, every Gov gets the word. Bohanske and Ridenour will be your puppets . When a sharp nurse figures out the entire process is messed up , but this time a reel of false paper work is in the works .

3 thoughts on “PHILIP LETT and ANTHONY FAUCI”

  1. PHilip LETT , a true “piled higher and deeper ” type of dirty doc . A real sociopath . Bohanske won’t give up all his other complaints and law suits , ‘we don’t give that out ” . But on nurses publish everything , especially the parts not true !


  2. Interesting , a comment on line about a psych. Thanks for the warning , We should all put an honest evaluation on line on these dirty docs ! Sounds like DR Hait , is Dr Hate . Love the nurse who is not afraid to evaluate the evaluator !
    “”My experience with Dr Hait was honestly pretty traumatic. She and her office surroundings are very unprofessional with dogs running around and barking which caused me great anxiety. I felt judged and attacked during my evaluation. She was rude and uncaring. She gave me a terrible evaluation which contradicts the other 2 evals I had to undergo. If you are a nurse do NOT go to dr hait to get your eval. She will tell the board what they want to hear and take your money, I think it was over $2000. Terrible””


  3. This happens all too often. And if these so called ‘experts’ are so good and knowledgeable why is the bd investigator have to tell them what they are looking for . Why are they steering them . Philip Lett is a huge slime ball, sneaky dirty son of a bitch for what he does to good nurses . May he burn in hell . Shameful , he has a license , but nothing will happen to him. Just the women .

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