NOT FOR NURSES , NOT WHEN IT COMES TO THE BON , they will side with them . Political hacks . And the legislature , wants to hear from a big group.

AZ NA , a group of nurses who are against what is right and wrong.Puppets , following the puppet master Kathy Busby , and Racketeering Ridenour. Political . They are fighting against nurses who did nothing wrong but lost everything because of a dirty board of nursing. They are so stupid they do not even know they are fighting against themselves . Look at your lobbyist . Most likely making more than you are . SAD the nurses who are a part of this and can only believe one sided stories , very sad !

Gullible , believe anything they hear.

So sickening that this is what it has come to. At least we are still who we are and they are who they are. Puppets believe one sided lies and even act on them .


    1. LINDSAY PERRY AUDITOR GENERAL , (The name is r/t the PERRY at the BON, her associates are DALE CHAPMAN , ,and JEREMY WEBER another brain washed dirty LD$$$$$$$ love that dirty money !


      1. Auditor General office as full of the mormons as the board of nursing . They love that control and making others be obedient , just as they are brain washed . A couple bailed ship after ‘helping ” Joke Ridenour by not finding much . Dale Chapman got out he knew that others were on to him. Who would buy a car from these slick willy’s.? Then there is Jeremy Weber another one called out . Rats jump ship . He is working with Evergreen , touts his mouth as grad of BYU (bring em young) 16 yrs gov auditing (yea we know how you work). Who bails after 16 why not 20 , heats on . investing in shopping centers, (mormons own the biggest shopping center in SLC , oh and you thought they only had ‘religious temples’ . HAHAHA. Vacation ???? or did missions France , Italy, carting around a BOM. or BM for short. Just an opinion get hooked up with BON , your problem .


  1. They are all related by uncle adultery polygamist Joseph Smith .New gov can order audit any time . Fire Lindsey Perry , failure to over see . When auditors contact the BOn to see how long it takes to answer the phone and what information they give out , you don’t think the BON is ‘tipped ‘ off and can see who is calling? Still a lot of money missing .

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