Just keeping the name out there as one of the dirty board members in AZ . A horrible nasty prison nurse. She went to Deleware , and was going to get on the BON there . Uh huh, like they would take one look at you and your potty mouth and invite you to join. The Gov in AZ is the only one who allows trash on the board . “Little pretend nurse” . She went to a community school back in PA. “Workforce vs welfare”. Not sure why LPN’s allowed on a BON , they won’t even hire them in hospitals. Jana is a loser for sure. Wonder if those she caused so much pain and suffering in their careers all highlighted her for her shameful ways. Is she that stupid or just crooked politically and desperate ? “Jeffrey ” told a co worker he had to tie a 2×4 on his ass to keep from falling in . She is a BIG girl . No matter how many diet pretzels she shoves in that big mouth of hers. And her ‘fit ‘ for not getting free coffee at java was ‘over the top”. Shame on you JANA MACHESKY , you don’t remember a lot of the good nurses that you wrongly judged, but they remember your dirty looks and unprofessional behavior. We also heard your big mouth in the pool , that last summer. You belong in a prison locked up away from people.

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