This person had a AZ bd of nursing complaint. She was friends with board members so they gave her a slap on the wrist . NOT at all how this AZ BON operates ! They even misspelled her name on the BON agenda, so on search you cannot find it.

It appears Cheryl Sheriff works as a mgr in Fla . No record following her. Did she put down she had a BON complaint. ??? Maxim is her employer.

Friends of LORI GUTIERREZ , bon member at that time and told everyone, “she was suppose to be ON the BON the following month. ” . Hmmm. why should some nurses names be drug through the mud and yet those who are friends of board members stay hidden ?

So Sheriff was working in mgt at Paradise Valley Hospital, northern Phoenix area , where dir (Jo Ridenour lives) . She went around and shut off every patients IV . The AZ BON members did not even ask her why ? No idea , it does sound nuts though . ! Depending on the drug, could be a real problem . And how many lost their IV sites by blood backing up. The AZ BON orders psych evaluations on a ton of nurses , way over the top . Why not on this person. Something obviously went hay wire.

The AZ BON loves to say “we protect the public. ” but forgot to say ‘we protect our friends and those who belong to their ‘church”.

The worst board in the entire nation, who have NO OVER SIGHT ! !

4 thoughts on “CHERYL SHERIFF (FLORIDA)”

    1. The BON members who were involved in this and the state nursing board agency employees and director did not have to learn how to lie and cheat . They are sociopaths who have no idea how to be a human being . It all comes naturally , without conscience . Makes no difference how long you work as a caring nurse , until you see what those who got snared by them see for themselves they won’t believe it. Those who are retired THINK they know how boards operate because they renew their license .


  1. Tammy Greabell was not an investigator at all . Nor an agent . She was with probation at the BON sucking off the state a paycheck . Got the job with Sunday school connections , who read BOM. She cannot have a conscience , she is not in charge of her thoughts . Her brain was molded long ago, she is mormon and not one of them can be trusted . She didn’t get out until she did considerable damage . At least 3 come to mind . Don’t even think leaving the corrupt board of nursing was her idea . A Yavapai Cty Nurse can fill in exactly what as she calls her ‘greaseball ” is all about.


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