board of nursing complaint

Those who are on the Board of Nursing , think their job is to protect their ‘friends’ . Carolyn McCormies<the nasty bd pres , of the AZBON> is friends with this one . You just know it will be either dismiss or letter of no concern when the cases come up because they are CHEATS , and take care of another one . (meaning another mormon ) . Sister Skinner was reported to the BON, she not only violated the Dr’s order, but did not chart she gave the medication. Now why would any nurse not scan and document giving a med? BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY SHOULD NOT BE GIVING IT ! Well someone noticed. This is practicing medicine no matter how to you stretch it . And should have been a DOC , but McCormies did not want this on the www, cause she is a sister wife. and They take care of each other . And the AZ BON is NOT consistent , they are biased . A private counseling session on what comes next at the BON, coached, and for a first time, seemed to know how things would go . McCormies recused herself, but only after the Auditor General had to tell the AZBON agency how to operate .

So nurses how do you like all of your information , dirt, lies out there but they hide a creepy cult’s crud from public view?

Think that due process class Carolyn McCormies will do any good ? She sure likes to think she know jack chit about the law . A joke for sure !


  1. The connections are obviousfraud involved & there is a trail of docs they leave behind. Those docs go throughout the country and have been there for 30+yrs. Therefore retrieve tomorrow for additional PR insertion with no finger cot.


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