EX MORMON gets fried at AZBON

You just know with a name like Mary Ida Dalton , there is some connection with the cult. But in this case this pour girl poured out her entire life story and the pain she has endured by being raised mormon. Lots of stories just like hers how damaged they were.

At age 14 or so she knew she was gay, her church, family , siblings all turned on her . Shunned her. She was telling the BON (who’s members are mostly mormons) I was mormon, she turned to alcohol to cope. These people can be so nasty to one of their own when they come out . Down right dirty , shun, bully . Speak up go against their brain washing and you will pay the price, destroy you. She told how she got a dui, and then stopped drinking , was going to counseling for years and helping others get off drinking . She reestablished relationships with her sister and was on a good track . Immediately when she said , “i joined ex mormon for support” BOOM !! Telling bd members who are mormons you joined ex mormon, right then and there the nurse was cut off by Carolyn McCormies a mormon and (Elizabeth Boyer a mormon motion 36 months probation and psych eval , her cost) . Must be something mental wrong with her .

Other cases when the nurse admits she has a problem , Boyer , who hasn’t a clue what she is doing, made a motion for psych evaluation . Immediately the bd members stopped her , even the nurse was shocked a psych eval when she ‘s been sober so long and in treatment . But in this case , this person spoke against mormons (she got out thank goodness !) by stating she was a member of ex mormon (people who have been damaged by being in the cult , saw it as a control mechanism and got out ) .

So McCormies keep saying how CONSISTENT the bd is , maybe you can get the stupid to believe it, but this is INconsistent and over the top.

36 months probation , without someone setting her up , create a cause for revoke is going to be a miracle . If she can get a job .

So brain washed these creeps are , sitting on a bd judging others and twisting the real story. New board members wake up and stop being obedient with those who put a ‘suggestion’ out there, how they want it to go . Sneaky McCormies is good at that , pointing out the worst she can . They couldn’t get rid of her fast enough , no thank you for being here or express condolences for miss treatment and what she has been through, no kudos for remaining sober and turning her life around. If you can imaging what an insult to these mormons that she joined ex mormon , which certainly shows the Sunday school , marathon meetings is where their ultimate decisions come from .

SAD , in AZ what it has become. How many nurses know this is the make up of the corrupt board of nursing ?

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