Too many nurses who got special treatment at the corrupt AZ Bd of nursing . This one takes the cake . Joseph Boone, grad BYU (bring em young ) mostly mormon school. Member of boy Scouts of america ,another clue . Working night shift at a northern AZ hospital . Show Low. He was in a double patients room two woman, sitting with his computer , suppose to be charting on it. Any hospital rules are no internet access on the computer. Well he did access a site outside of hospital charting , pornography. Yup sitting IN A PATIENTS room watching PORN while at work.

well one of them turned him . to the BON. And guess who was president of the BON at the time Randy Quinn (the dishonest , unfair , biased mormon that he is ). Life time brain washed mormon. Of course they know the last names the ones who are members of their cult .

So Joseph Boone who was jerking it off in the patients room, went in front of the BON . Or should I say went in front of RANDY (dishonest , at judging cases fairly and w/o his own brain washed mind taking over ). Boone tells “Randy” “I already spoke to my Bishop and my wife, I’m mormon ” . Randy the no integrity bd president that he is , must be thinking . (well if he gets anything more than LOC , everyone will see it , and we don’t want him out of work because then the elders wouldn’t get their cut of a paycheck and he is on the BON so he can take care of friends which consist of mormon’s. The other bd members were all obedient stupid woman, who follow the wanna be bishops BS , slap on the wrist. Letter of no concern .

Boone was fired and got a LOC from the BON , a Bd that orders psych evaluations on almost everyone under the sun , way more than most bds. But then the nurse pays for it. It would have to be a psycho sexual evaluation which is even more costly . So , toss the public protection out and warn him “if you come back before the board again’. Did shyster Quinn give warning to others ? In other words , beat your meat in your own home and watch porn somewhere else besides during working hours and in a patients room .

Why is a psych evaluation necessary . well , Boone a newlywed, is watching naked women on the screen , couples screwing and getting off . He is having an affair with someone who isn’t real . It is addictive , more and more is needed . AND , when you are doing something at work where the chances of getting caught and losing a lot (your job your license , ) Your already addicted!

Pornography impacts the brain much like an addictive drug by triggering ever-increasing amounts of dopamine. Over time, the brain builds up a tolerance to the excess dopamine and requires either more access or more extreme content (or sometimes both) to achieve that same level of perceived pleasure.

Pornography can shift sexual interests, behaviors and relationships. It shapes “sexual scripts”, providing models of behavior and guiding sexual expectations, with studies finding links between watching pornography and heterosexual anal intercourse, unsafe sex and more.

Porn encourages self-gratification

Problem: Delayed gratification is a crucial skill to learn if one is to maintain control and direction in their life. Basically, the healthiest of individuals have mastered the art of discipline and delayed gratification.

Repeatedly giving into the urge to watch pornography leads to a lack of ability to delay gratification. Your brain becomes more and more focused on the things you find pleasurable and the discipline of delayed gratification falls to the wayside.

It is no coincidence that people who are hooked on porn might be radically underachieving in other areas of their lives.

Looks like Boone who is a MASTER BAITER , of course as a male they made him DON , would they do that if he was on probation, cited by the BON ? . The Jerk off is going to be applying for his NP , will his record come into to play for that ? Psych Np , so he will be working with some very vulnerable patients , and when he was caught the last time the BON failed the public not taking the right action .

Many who are and aren’t nurses say he should have lost his license . Including former Bd member . No way would they want him as a nurse , and for your own good watch shaking his hand.

Next time that bd president Mccormies who is as big a cheat with those not mormons, says ‘we are consistent ” , tell her what a liar she is . And Randy the dirt bag, who is protecting mormons, tells you his job was to protect the public , be sure and tell him what a liar he is . no such thing as a good mormon, they are so much more scummier than the general population . Randy Quinn dirt bag, Carolyn McCormies , lying bitch, are the reason so many nurses talk bad about the CULT of mormon’s ! Since then bent the rules their usual track to keep this mormon name clear , this must be posted to protect the public . !


  1. According to the FBI’s Behavior Science Unit in Quantico, Virginia that boy Boom is a sexual Predator, (sitting in a room of vulnerable women while watching Pornography).
    He is one deranged, psychotic, rule breaking predator.

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  2. The lifetime brainwashed bimbo who is still at the BON , (sadly ! ) Carolyn McCormies , also voted for this . So she thinks it ok for a male nurse to watch porn, hands in pants, not only while working , but in a patients room . Apparently Show Low hospital did not think this was ok, he was fired. But swears ‘he charts at the desk now “. And of course he was able to find work , because nothing showed up on his license . No one gives up an addiction because they told their Bishop about it. That’s the one who most likely gave him the idea. Now if he were to tell the Bishop he was was gay and wanted out of that cult , the whole “decision ‘ by Randy (life time brain washed mormon) would be very different . The Bishops make sure the ‘troubled one” see’s only mormon counselors (sound like how the BON is run doesn’t it ). They know the guidance will be as warped as their thinking . The more the corrupt board who makes comments to influence the rest of the (seconders ) on the board, the more these cases will make headlines. The BON , Bd agency, it’s dirty investigators , and ASSistants, had no problems putting stuff out there on non mormons , so they shouldn’t care . Jokey Ridenour thinks she’s clear cause “it was a board decision” . While she sits on her lazy arce and says nothing .


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