Tammy Jenkerson Turney

Anyone who knows anything about mormons, know’s both of these last names are big cult names. You decide . Special treatment here ?

Ms Turney, np goes before the AZ BON , 2013 AGGRAVATED ASSAULT , threatening with a firearm, Disorderly Conduct, Disturbing the peace, road rage . Discussion at the bd meeting she hit a car backed up hit it again. Flailing a gun at two men .

Board member M.Shawn Harrell (another mormon, and protects Sister wives) , said, ‘we can’t put her on probation or supervision because she works alone. ” (note they have done this many times to others ! Made the NP hire Drs. at a high cost for direct supervision . (BD lies A LOT ) .
The BON also lied when they said, psych eval by ‘bd approved” the psych was one she was already seeing, had a relationship with (a no no ) and THEN the bd approved her to continue on with the one she was seeing. No probation , no over sight , no follow up .

It didn’t take too long and THREE patient substantial complaints , one a male was on .25 xanax , Ms Turney order .50 , double the amount without checking the PMP to see if someone else ordered it. 3 charges of below std of care. Insurance wouldn’t pay is only reason turned in . Testosterone injects with no proper assessment. Pt # 2 opiods. Pt # 3 . Charge unprofessional conduct.

The BON also failed to state that they had to file in Superior ct to obtain patient records .

Did they protect the public or another mormon ? If they had supervision when she became violent , with a gun, and a vehicle using it as a weapon maybe these patients situations would not have happened. Probation now, horse is out of the barn .

2 thoughts on “Tammy Jenkerson Turney”

  1. Sounds like Tammy Jenkerson Turney need urine and blood test to confirm she not using some form of illegal substance because violence of that nature is usually from drug abuse or a SERIOUS MENTAL DISORDER. Don’t forget UDALL, that’s a common mo mo name too.


  2. Oh yes UDALL , of course , notice until brought up to them, why are you printing in huge block black highlighted letters on every case UDALL ??? cause they are mormons too . Although , they dont follow what reasonable person would do , or think , they just like the name out there . They love to run other peoples lives and think they can , and they are some type of example to others ???? (just like DEREK BROWN (mormon ) who is on top ten FBI list for murder. ) Killed a man , shot him over a bag of money , and FBI ANNOUNCED public they were putting out a warrant for his arrest , nothing like giving a HEADS UP , run and hide coward brethren mormon .Yep they are right up there , with Ted Bundy types !


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